From the Producers of “The Swift Boat Veterans for *cough* Truth *cough*”…

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Sex/Morality/Family Values, Social Security1 Comment

… comes the latest in surreal conservative propaganda. And it is a doosy.

AARP: Anti-military. Pro Gay. Therefore, we should privatize social security.

This is a copy of the the ad being run by USANext, the conservative alternative to AARP (when you click the actual ad, you are taken to USANext‘s home page). 2

There’s no article or argument as to WHY the AARP is supposedly anti-military or pro-gay. They just . . . um . . . ARE . . . I guess.

Meanwhile get the scoop on USANext here.

I have no problem with there being an alternative to the AARP (although I’m not inclined to think of the AARP as anti-military, pro-gay), but really — a front for the pharma industry? How stupid do conservatives think our senior citizens are?