When Right-Wing Bloggers Don’t Bother To Fact Check . . .

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. . . you get a lot of sound and fury and well, egg-on-faces:

Last week, the University of Oregon asked one of its employees to remove a yellow "Support the Troops" sticker from the state-owned truck he drives.

Since then, it has been taking the heat from talk radio hosts and Internet bloggers who picked up the story and added several surprising twists.

"Magnetic yellow ribbons that say `Support The Troops’ have been surreptitiously banned by the administration at the University of Oregon," according to one blog.

"We have the University of Oregon telling employees that they can’t display yellow ribbon stickers that say support the troops," another reports.

None of which is true, UO President Dave Frohnmayer said. People are free to express their opinions on campus, he said.

"I’ve heard that we reprimanded the employee, that we’re banning free speech on campus," he said. "We would never dream of telling people what they can have on their private cars or what buttons they can wear."

Read the whole thing.

Will those who overstepped and hyped the yellow ribbon story admit that they overstepped and hyped it?

Can they admit that they shouldn’t have urged people to bother the University of Oregon until their facts were accurate?

Or will they dodge, weave, obfuscate, and unapologeticly out-Rather Dan Rather? I think we all know.

"Conservatives — our agenda outweighs accuracy and truth."

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