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I would love to have the time to read more magazines.  I just don’t.  If I want information, I usually go on-line.  Which is a bit of a shame.  Magazines are fun — you can take them to bed, or sprawl out on the couch, and just flip through them.  And when they come in the mail, it is like a small present.

And there are so many magazines to choose from.  Like Home School Digest.  It bills itself as "The Quarterly Publication for Family Discipline".  Wow.  A magazine devoted to family discipline.  Cool.

And in it, you find informative articles on a variety of subjects, such as Rod "Whatever Works Is Right: The Dangers Of Pragmatism" and "God’s Man At Bearcat Tool And Die." 

And then there are the ads.  Like the one at the right.

What is it for, you ask?  Why it is for spanking.  You know . . . "spare the rod, spoil the child"? 

And what a quality product, too.  Look!  It has a non-slip surface!!  Great!  Now I can throw away that old spatula that I used to use!  Thank you, "The Rod".

My only complaint is not with the product, but with the advertisement.  It doesn’t exactly leap out at you, does it.  Fortunately, the good people here have come up with what I think is a killer marketing concept for "The Rod". (Hat tip: Jesus’ General and Hairy Fish Nuts)

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing: