Bush’s Daughters Are Whores

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So says the stick-up-the-butt Christian group known as the Coalition for Passing Judgment on Others Traditional Values in this open letter to George Bush, which I will publish here below the fold. (The reason I refer to Jenna and NotJenna as "whores" is because according to Ezekial 23:5, Oholah was a prostitute — although this largely depends on the version of the Bible you prefer).

UPDATE: For the irony-impaired, illiterate, or simply confused readers out there, I personally am not suggesting that the Bush daughters are "whores". In fact, if you read the first two words of the above post, you can see that I attribute that sentiment to a right-wing moral values group — a group that I DEFINITIVELY do not align myself with. Not only do I have no knowledge of the Bush daughters’ sexual life . . . I also have no interest. So along those lines, I wish to unequivocally state that I do not know whether they are "whores" or not. Nor do I care. I do, however, think they are airheads (although that is not relevant to this post).

Sorry if I confused anybody.