VP Debate Bloopers & Thoughts

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It probably wasn’t a good idea for Cheney to recommend that debate watchers go to factcheck.com. Cheney meant to say factcheck.org, a rather decent non-partisan site which — by the way — you SHOULD be checking out regularly. But factcheck.com, on the other hand, points the web user to George Soros’ site. Ooops.

It gets even worse though, because if you actually go to the site that Cheney was recommending — Factcheck.org — it starts out its VP debate coverage with "Cheney wrongly implied that FactCheck had defended his tenure as CEO of Halliburton Co., and the vice president even got our name wrong." (emphasis mine) *Gulp*

Note to Cheney: In the future, make sure the websites that supposedly back you up actually back you up.

I was originally planning to say that the debate was a toss-up, based largely on the last 20 minutes that I caught, plus the after-debate commentary. I mean — Cheney distorted a lot, but Edwards never really called him on it — so that’s a tie in my book.

But then I saw this poll at WorldNetDaily and it convinced me that Edwards must have won by a decision, or a TKO, or by a KO. After all, 55% of WorldNetDaily readers can’t be wrong, right?


And Ezra at Pandagon has this very astute observation:

The moderator, by the way, was awful. Not partisan, just bad. She seemed inexperienced, intrusive, and too interested in gotcha’s. Her question on the contradiction between Kerry’s personal position on gay marriage and what the MA Court decided ("is John Kerry trying to have it both ways?") is like accusing me of having it both ways because even though I support clean air, Los Angeles has a pollution problem.