Bush Doesn’t Understand The Nature of The Terrorist Threat

Ken AshfordWar on Terrorism/TortureLeave a Comment

It’s odd. Bush says that Kerry is failing to comprehend the war on terrorism.

It’s odd, I say, because Bush’s own people, are saying (implicitly anyway) that it is Bush who doesn’t get it.

The Bush Administration seems to think that the way to defeat terrorism is by decapitating the leadership of al Qaeda. Capture or kill those AQ leaders (from a three-year old list) and you have defeated terrorism, the theory goes. Hey, that might work if we were fighting a nation-state like, oh, Nazi Germany, but as the above article suggest, that is not the true nature of our enemy. Our true enemies have morphed into numerous cells who no longer wait on al Qaeda leadership for their marching orders. Does Bush care about these facts?

Interesting article — recommended reading.