Undercutting Allies?

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JANESVILLE, Wis. – Democrat John Kerry wrongly questioned the credibility of the interim Iraqi leader [Ayad Allawi], and "you can’t lead this country" while undercutting an ally, President Bush said Friday.

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President Bush then ate some "freedom fries", dissed "old Europe", and talked about how ineffective the U.N. is.

Seriously, this is the scariest thing about Bush, in my opinion. Every serious assessment of the situation on the ground — including statements made by Allawi himself — show that the situation in Iraq is deteriorating. Kerry is speaking the truth about this, which is the FIRST STEP in turning the situation around (if it CAN be turned around at this point). Bush, on the other hand, is telling people everything is getting better in Iraq, and insinuating that Kerry’s truthful comments (rather than, I suppose, the insurgents) are undercutting peaceful progress in Iraq.

More and more, I hear the label "The Excuses President" being applied to Bush. I’m not much of one for perjorative monikers, but — boy — that one really sticks to him.