The RNC Damage Control Machine Loses a Gear

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Election 2004Leave a Comment

Despite the high and — in retrospect — undeserved praise here, the 60 Minutes bombshell wasn’t Ben Barnes (who repeated his allegation that he got Bush the cushy National Guard post).

This was the part of the story that hurts Bush (Click "New Bush Service Questions" for the video). It’s about how Bush’s commander was getting pressure to give Bush positive evaluations when he didn’t deserve them.

And this isn’t he said/she said stuff, 30 years after the fact. This is from documents WRITTEN AT THE TIME.

And the RNC’s "damage control" rapid response team? They . . . um . . . had no response, except to say that the new authentic documents from the early 1970’s are "partisan politics".

Pretty lame.