We Can’t Win the War On Terror

Ken AshfordElection 2004, War on Terrorism/TortureLeave a Comment

Several months ago, and I can’t seem to locate where, I made the point that we can’t actually WIN a war on terror, since "terror" is a tactic and not an enemy. Which is why, I added, that it is wrong to claim that it IS a "war".

It seems Kerry agrees with me:

When asked whether we can "win" the "war on terror" Senator Kerry said: "Can we win? I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world.”

Oh, one more thing: Before you wingers jump down Kerry’s throat for being such a woosy spinless negative nay-saying candy-ass wimp, as I’m sure you will want to, check this out