How’s Democracy Doing in Afghanistan?

Ken AshfordForeign AffairsLeave a Comment

REALLY GOOD! Here’s what Bush said on Rush today:

I just would remind your listeners that Pakistan is now an ally in the war on terror [Except for its government workers and scientists – Kman]. Saudi now takes Al-Qaeda seriously, and they’re after the leadership. Libya is no longer got weapons of mass destruction [They’ve given away the designs to terrorists, too! – Kman]. Afghanistan, I don’t know if you’ve discussed this on your program, but there are over ten million people who have registered to vote in Afghanistan, which is a phenomenal statistic when you think about it.

Bush wasn’t lying either. 10.35 million people have registered to vote in Afghanistan. And that is a phenomenal amount . . . especially when you consider that the U.N. estimated only 9.8 million eligible voters in the country!

Perhaps Bush meant to say that corrupt capitalism must be flourishing in Afghanistan. Yeah, that’s it. With voter registration cards selling on the street at $100 a pop, democracy ain’t lookin’ so good. But corrupt capitalism? Zowie!!