For Those Who Missed It . . .

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. . . Oliver Willis’ site has the video of Michelle "Little Lulu" Malkin getting bitch-slapped by Chris Matthews.

It’s wonderful to watch, on so many levels. She is unwilling to answer a simple question put to her . . . about whether or not SHE thinks Kerry shot himself on purpose. Of course, her TRUE answer is "Of course I don’t think he shot himself on purpose, Chris, but if I am honest and SAY that on national television, then they kick me out of the I-smear-for-George-Bush Club. So instead, I’ll just dodge your question, and perpetuate the smear even if I personally doubt its veracity."

Toward the end, she then finds a branch to keep herself from drowning. Like a harpy in heat, she asks ‘Why don’t you ask John Kerry?’

See how that works, kids? Apparently anybody can make any absurd allegation, and once done, it becomes incumbant about the candidate to respond to those allegations. Therefore, under Michelle’s reasoning, I suppose we should be asking George Bush about the time he performed an abortion on the underage teenager that he raped. (As Michelle reasons: "Aren’t you curious to find out if it’s true?")

Anyway, it’s nice to finally have someone in the SCLM actually take one of these bozos to task instead of acting as a stenographer for the Bush smear machine.

Oh, and Michelle . . . your 15 minutes are up. Don’t pout. You weren’t going to go far anyway — Ann Coulter isn’t about to relinquish the shrill-female-nutjob-winger chair without a fight.

UPDATE: Little Lulu has a whiny account of it on her site here.

Her best graf:

I am used to playing hardball. I expect it. I am used to ad hominem attacks. I get more in a day than most of these wussies have received in their lifetimes. But what happened last night was pure slimeball and the unfair, unbalanced, and unhinged purveyors of journalism, or whatever it is they call what they do at MSNBC, should be ashamed.

Hahahahaha! Apparently, Michelle thinks that her appearances on the "fair and balanced" network, were all "hardball" encounters. And "ad hominem" attacks? Where was she PERSONALLY attacked?

The next best graf is this:

Olbermann expresses incredulity that I was simply reporting what the Swift Boat Vets’ book says, rather than spouting off in a half-baked manner:

Ms. Malkin wouldn’t even go so far as to attribute the suspicion to herself. It was in the book.

Olbermann, alleged journalist, is smearing me because I agreed to discuss and analyze claims made by the authors of Unfit for Command and actually referred to what was in the book . . .

See, here’s the thing, Michelle Moron. If you agreed to "discuss and analyze claims made by the authors of Unfit for Command", then Matthew’s questions about YOUR ANALYSIS are relevant.

Finally, if you review Michelle’s whiny response to what happened, you will see that she didn’t even support what she said on the show — that the swift boat vets claimed that Kerry shot himself on purpose (as opposed to suffering from a "self-inflicted wound").

So basically, she made up stuff, Chris called her on it, and now she’s whining because she was made to look like an idiot, which she was.