Bush Forgets His Lines

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The thing about theater is this — you have to remember your lines. And if you forget them, you shouldn’t tell the audience that. Because then it takes them "out of the moment" and reminds them that they are watching a piece of fiction.

Someone should tell that to the President. Here is Bush yesterday at his "Q&A" where he answers supposedly unrehearsed and unvetted questions posed by supposedly regular random people from the Republicans-only audience. Note how the questioner feeds Bush the answer.

Q Mr. President, I would like to know what your administration has done to help women and children in domestic violence situations.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’ve said to the Justice Department, work with states to make sure that the states have got the resources . . . [yada yada yada]

And when I was the governor of Texas, we made it easier for an abused spouse to be able to call her spouse into account without facing retribution. We had notification laws . . . . [yada yada yada]

This is — the truth of the matter is, most good policy — or policy is made at the state level under state laws. And what the federal government can do, the federal government can help on grant-making to help states with those type of laws.

Q And what about the Family Justice Center Initiative? Didn’t you announce that last year?

THE PRESIDENT: The family —

Q — the pilot program — $21 million?

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I did, so thanks for reminding me. (Laughter.) How quickly we forget. It was a loaded question, wasn’t it?

If Karl Rove had hair, he would pull it out.