Why The Nunes Release Of The Comey Memos Backfired

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David Frum gets it right: It’s another familiar story that conservatives have built themselves a closed information system. The system generates and repeats agreed fictions, and people are rewarded according to their ability to internalize, repeat, and embellish these fictions. The system has revved itself into hyper-activity in the Trump years. And no Trump-era fiction has been more profoundly internalized … Read More

DNC Files Lawsuit Against Russia, WikiLeaks, and the Donald Trump Campaign

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It looks like Democrats, like the Republicans in Congress, want to take a look at what Mueller has.  The Democratic National Committee is ready to take things to court. The complaint, filed in federal district court in Manhattan, alleges that top Trump campaign officials conspired with the Russian government and its military spy agency to hurt Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton … Read More

Comey Memos Leaked

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There was a time when Republicans were upset that Comey allegedly leaked his notes to his friend Professor Daniel Richman of Columbia Law School, who told the world about Comey’s meetings with Trump and how Trump asked for loyalty. It was questionable whether or not those notes were classified, and whether Comey had the authority to leak them after he … Read More

Rosenstein Told Trump He’s Not A Target

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Bloomberg: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter. Rosenstein, who brought up the Mueller probe himself, offered the assurance during a meeting with Trump at the White House last Thursday, a development that helped … Read More

Will Cohen Sing Like A Canary?

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Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of President Donald Trump whose home and office were raided earlier this month reportedly said, “I’d rather jump out of a building than turn on Donald Trump,” in a conversation with a radio host. But many in Trump’s circle are not so sure. Two sources close to the president said people in Trump’s inner circle have in recent … Read More

Kimba Wood SDNY Court: Live Tweets Revealing Sean Hannity

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McKay noted that Cohen refused to disclose the third client’s name under seal. “If he can’t disclose the client name, even to the court under seal…” McKay asks how the government can contest an overbroad claim of privilege. — Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) April 16, 2018 Cohen’s other attorney Steve Ryan says the third client is a “publicly prominent individual,” and … Read More

Interesting Hearing Expected Today In SDNY Court

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The defendant: Michael Cohen (Trump’s attorney-ish) The issue: Whether documents, tapes, and other things seized by the FBI can be reviewed by a “filter team” to weed out privileged documents, and whether Cohen’s lawyers (on behalf of Cohen) and/or Trump’s lawyers (on behalf of Trump) can review them first for responsiveness The time: 2:00 pm Eastern What makes this even … Read More

More And More, It Looks Like Cohen Is At The Center Of All Trump Misdeeds

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The Wall Street Journal just published a stunning scoop. In 2017 Michael Cohen negotiated a $1.6 million hush deal for a major GOP fundraiser named Elliott Broidy, deputy finance chairman of the RNC. If that name rings a bell, it should. Broidy is at the center of the part of the Russia probe involving the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and international fixer and convicted pedophile … Read More

GOP Anti-Comey Ad

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Republicans are out to get former FBI director James Comey (a Republican) because of his new book. The ad is “Paid for by the Republican National Committee” and since their candidate in 2020 is Trump, this is about Trump. And why are Trump’s people doing this? Because Trump is facing obstruction charges for firing Comey. Now we KNOW why Trump … Read More

Does The First Amendment Protect The Right Of The Press Or People To “Kill” A Story?

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Associated Press: Eight months before the company that owns the National Enquirer paid $150,000 to a former Playboy Playmate who claimed she’d had an affair with Donald Trump, the tabloid’s parent made a $30,000 payment to a less famous individual: a former doorman at one of the real estate mogul’s New York City buildings. As it did with the ex-Playmate, … Read More

Bipartisan Bill In The Works To Protect Mueller Investigation

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A combined version of two bipartisan Senate bills designed to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s job is set to be released Wednesday, marking lawmakers’ latest political warning shot to President Donald Trump as he entertains firing the man investigating him. The new Senate legislation is the product of months-long talks among Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Cory Booker … Read More