Flynn Exit

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So… less than a month into the Administration, Trumps’ National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, resigns.  WHY he resigned is important — he said (in a letter) that he regrets giving incomplete information to the Vice President. Ummm…. interesting way to put it. Another way to put it is… Flynn LIED to the Vice President.  And yet an even better … Read More

It’s Hard To Keep Up With All That’s Going Down

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Just yesterday — on ONE day… Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway broke ethics rules promoting Ivanka Trump clothes, which wouldn’t have happened if Trump hadn’t tweeted about how unfairly Nordstrom’s was treating Ivanka Trump by dropping her line of clothing. Then we learned that Trump, when talking to Putin last week, had to put Putin on hold in order to ask … Read More

The Bombshell Report That Russia Can Blackmail Trump, Explained

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There’s an enormous amount we don’t yet know about CNN’s bombshell report that US intelligence agencies believe Russia has “compromising personal and financial information” on President-elect Donald Trump and that his campaign was in direct contact with with Russian intermediaries before the election. We don’t know who CNN’s sources are or if those people’s information is accurate. We don’t know … Read More