Quote Of The Day

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Anonymous Republican, on the subject of the GOP's huge FAIL at measuring the electorate: Democrats "must be looking at us like we're the biggest f—– morons in the world," one frustrated Republican said. "That's what I'd be doing." Yyyyyup.

Woman Runs Over Husband; Blames Him For Obama Re-election

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Phoenix New Times: Mesa resident Holly Solomon thinks it's her husband's fault that President Obama was re-elected last week, because he didn't vote. Not only does Solomon, 28, have a thorough misunderstanding of our nation's electoral system, she also ran over her husband with her car because of this, according to Gilbert police. In an e-mail to media, Gilbert police … Read More

Guess The System Works

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Ryan Reilly tells the story of two separate incidences where a Republican — one in Nevada and one in New Mexico — believed all the bullshit about how easy it is to vote twice.   They tried it for themselves just to show how easy it was to "work the system". Both of them were arrested.  

Romney Campaign Was In A Bubble, Too

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In all the post-mortems, we learn this about what it was like inside the Romney campaign: Romney and his campaign had gone into the evening confident they had a good path to victory, for emotional and intellectual reasons. The huge and enthusiastic crowds in swing state after swing state in recent weeks – not only for Romney but also for … Read More

Good Pollster, Bad Pollster

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Fordham University has published a ranking of the most accurate pollsters of the 2012 in terms of national trends, and (both) top spots were held by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, the North Carolina-based firm. Director of Fordham's Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy, Dr. Costas Panagopoulos, based the study on pre-election polling and compared it against the results from election day. "For … Read More

Angry Billionaires

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And why not? Many of the lightning bolts were aimed at none other than Karl Rove, the former Bush administration political genius who oversaw the deployment of nearly $400 million in campaign spending through outside groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS toward the presidential race and toward numerous Senate and House races. "The billionaire donors I hear are livid," one … Read More

Who’s To Blame

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A lot of conservatives are blaming Chris Christie for Romney's loss, based on the fact that Christie praised Obama for Obama's leadership in response to Hurricane Sandy. Which only begs the question: If Christ Christie is so influential that his comments can swing the election, then why the fuck didn't you guys nominate HIM and not Romney?


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Consider this jaw-dropper: in a year that was supposed to be awful for Senate Dems, zero Democratic incumbents lost this year. Literally, none. And now that all the Senate races are in, the Democratic stronghold in the Senate is actually BIGGER than before. If Maine's Sen.-elect, Angus King (I) caucuses with the Senate Democrats, which has been widely expected, then King … Read More

Why Romney Lost: A Bunch Of Reasons

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1)  You have to be FOR something.  The Romney campaign strategy seemed almost entirely to rely on stoking anti-Obama sentiment.  Every campaign needs to demonize the opponent, but Romney seemed to do that exclusively.  Toward the end, he and his surrogates had the talking point about how Obama failed to fulfill his promises — promises which, if fulfilled, Romney would … Read More

Waaah Quote Of The Day

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Robert Stacy McCain in The Spectator: What is left to hope for? That the American people will soon regret their choice? That another four years of economic stagnation and escalating debt will cure them of their insane appetite for charismatic liberals? If four years of endless failure have not rid them of this madness, the disease may well be terminal. … Read More

Nate Silver Wins

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I urge everyone to read this Politico piece from last week, slamming Nate Silver ("Nate Silver: One-term celebrity?") Now, look at this: That is Nate's map of his final predictions.  Just like the real thing. The creepiest thing about Nate’s prediction is that the only state that he didn’t claim better than 79% certainty about was Florida, which he called … Read More

A Good Night For Progressives

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* Obama won.  I wasn't surprised or too nervous.  It played out pretty much as I thought it would, although I gave Virginia and Florida to Romney.  (VA went Obama; FL is still undecided, but probably Obama) * Obamacare is preserved.  The things that haven't taken effect, WILL take effect… and no lawmaker can strike it down. * UPDATE:  Oh, … Read More

CNN Uses Empire State Building Lights For Election Results

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(CNN) - New Yorkers looking to see who’s winning the White House on election night just need to look up… to the Empire State Building. As CNN projects winners in each state, the iconic beacon of Gotham will be exclusively displaying the race to 270 electoral votes with a vertical LED illuminated “meter” on its spire—blue for President Obama, and red … Read More

The Day Ahead (Via Atrios)

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Drudge/Fox footage of black people being black. Fake exist polls. Anecdotes of poll shenanigans. Increasingly smug teevee pundits who have the math and know the winner but won't tell us. The end. UPDATE:  Yup…. already.   A black person holding the door open for an elderly white woman. VOTER INTIMIDATION!!!