Obama and Romney On Intrade

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Intrade isn't gospel, but it's a pretty good indicator: Nate Silver discusses the impact of the 47% tape: By Sept. 17, the date when the video of Mr. Romney’s remarks was released and received widespread attention, the momentum from Mr. Obama’s convention appeared to have stalled (although not necessarily reversed itself). Mr. Obama led in the popular vote by 4.1 … Read More

RNC Isn’t Stopping Voter Fraud; It’s Committing It

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Why is it that when legitimate examples of election fraud come to light, they always seem to come from one party? The Republican National Committee has fired a controversial consulting firm it was paying millions of dollars to conduct voter registration in five battleground states, NBC News has learned. The move came after the Palm Beach County, Fla., elections supervisor discovered … Read More

NYC To Get The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel

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Artist's rendering: It'll be on Staten Island and cost $230 million. Construction is expected to begin in early 2014 on the privately financed project, which also includes a 100-shop outlet mall and a 200-room hotel. The grand opening could come by the end of 2015.

Poll Trutherism

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I don't know what to say about the new meme in conservative circles, i.e., that all the polls are intentionally skewed for Obama because of liberal media bias.  It's a pretty silly claim when you think about it.  Some of these pollsters have been around a while — like Gallup, for example.  Getting it right is their stock-in-trade, and it … Read More

Short And Sweet And Devestating

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I'm kind of busy here with turning 50 years old today and actually, just the durdgery of work, but not too busy to pass along this sweet new Obama ad — to run in the swing states — which doesn't rely on spin, or a narrator, but simply Romney's own words:   If Romney has any life in his campaign, … Read More

Romney Path To Victory Gets Bleaker

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Nate Silver has an epic post today about late September polls from past years and how well they predict the eventual winner of a presidential race. Here are the highlights: Obama is currently up by 3.7%. No candidate in the past 50 years has lost a lead that big. No candidate with more than 47% of the vote in late September has everlost. Obama … Read More

Romney: Can’t Afford Health Care? Go To ER!

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says, what's the big deal about universal health care anyway? You people who can't afford car elevators can just go to the emergency room. WASHINGTON — Downplaying the need for the government to ensure that every person has health insurance, Mitt Romney on Sunday suggested that emergency room care suffices as a substitute for the … Read More

Romney’s 2011 Tax Returns: We Saw What You Did There

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Back in August, I wrote about Romney's claim that he never paid less than 13% on his income taxes. Today, he release in full his 2011 tax return.  Is that claim still true? Yup.  Romney paid 14.1% this past year and — wait, what's that? Mitt Romney's trustee said in a campaign press release that Romney artificially inflated his own … Read More

Romney Will Run America Like He Runs His Campaign?

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That's scary. So imagine your Mitt Romney and your campaign is, uh, struggling.  You are the first presidential candidate from either party in 24 years to have a net negative favorability rating, and you are losing to an incumbent President with the worst economic numbers of any incumbent President. What do you do?  HAND OUT BONUSES! Mitt Romney’s campaign handed out more … Read More