Republicans Will Like Anything As Long As It Helps Republicans

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This graph says it all: Republican opinion on Putin seems to have moved not because Trump is pro-Russia or because there’s suddenly an opportunity for better relations with Moscow. It moved because Russia interfered in the election to the Democrats’ detriment, whether that was the core motive or not. That’s the point we’ve reached in partisan polarization, apparently. Want better … Read More

Apologizing For America

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We’re watching the downfall of the Trump candidacy in real time, as women are coming from everywhere to contradict Trump’s claim at the last debate that he never ACTUALLY groped women — he only BRAGGED that he groped women. Only seven have come out so far to say “Nope he ACTUALLY groped me”, and I expect there to be more. … Read More


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The topic of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is a recurring theme in this campaign. Trump has spoken well of Putin.  He seems ignorant that Russia invaded the Ukraine.  When criticized for being soft on Russia, Trump responds with the simplistic, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the US got along with Russia?” All of the above, I could dismiss … Read More

Trump Tries To Bluff His Way Through Foreign Policy

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Trump tells @ThisWeekABC the Crimean people appear to want to remain under Russia’s control. — ABC News (@ABC) August 1, 2016 In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that aired Sunday, Trump asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not going to invade Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels — and some Russian special forces — have been operating for … Read More

The Case For Trump’s Kremlin Connection

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Yeah. It sounds like something out of a movie.  Very Manchurian Candidate-ish.  But over at Kos, they’ve compiled the facts: [W]ith apparently clear evidence that Russia hacked the DNC and released information designed to harm the Clinton campaign, there’s a question that has to be asked: Why?  Why would Russia hack into the emails of one American political party and push out … Read More