Short Takes

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(1)  Trump likes to say that he is bringing enthusiasm to the GOP and people are voting in the Republican race in massive numbers, which means that Democrats should be worried about the general election. Is he right? He is not. As many have pointed out, voter turnout is an indication of the competitiveness of a primary contest, not of what will … Read More

Planned Parenthood, the Abortion Debate, and 2016 Elections

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There is very little to recommend being over the age of 50, but one of the nice things is that it gives perspective and wisdom — the kind of experience that can’t be taught, but can only come from having lived several decades. There is one thing I have learned – abortion rights are not going away. That wasn’t always … Read More

Government Shutdown Is Over (For Now); “Nobody Won” Says Obama…

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… and he's right in a sense.  The Democrats didn't have to concede anything and they didn't gain anything; the Republicans didn't have to concede anything and they didn't gain anything. On the other hand, the Democrats weren't trying to gain anything, and the House Republicans were (they wanted to defund Obamacare), sosomebody did lose in all this. And then there's public … Read More

The Deal

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Looks like the House is getting ready to vote to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling in return for…. stripping members of Congress, their staff and White House appointees and employees of their Obamacare subsidies. Sounds good to me.

Oh. Please Sarah. Weigh In.

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Politico reports: President Barack Obama is risking “impeachable” offenses with the way he is handling the debt limit debate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said in a post on her Facebook page Monday. “Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable … Read More

The Strangest Sentence Ever Written About The Whole Government Shutdown Thing

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Say what, Politico? President Barack Obama may get the clean debt limit extension he’s been demanding, but it wouldn’t be a clean victory. By adopting the House GOP plan to raise the debt ceiling, Obama would avoid a potentially crippling blow to the economy and, in the White House’s view, finally break Republicans of their habit of seeking concessions each … Read More

How Low Can They Go?

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The longer this government shutdown drags on the worse the polling situation gets for Republicans. The latest NBC/WSJ poll has some incredible results. The poll found 46 percent of Americans think the shutdown is extremely serious and another 27 percent say it is quite serious. The blame for this serious situation is falling primarily on the Republican party. Only 31 percent of … Read More

Day 9 And No End In Sight

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Nobody thinks this is government shutdown thing is fun anymore.   As John McCain said on the floor of the Senate, everybody realizes that there is not going to be any change re: Obamacare.  Everybody realizes that, at some point, the debt ceiling will be raised.  So why not just DO it? But the rightwingers holding the government hostage don't … Read More