Thoughts Of A Dreamer

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Here is the blog of Jeff Weise, the 16-year-old Minnesota high school gunman who killed nine people before committing suicide. And if you really want to look into his disturbed mind, visit The Smoking Gun to view Weise’s self-made Flash animation.  Screen captures from that animation are below:

Moblogging A Rainbow

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So I was driving to rehearsal last night and there was a tornado warning but instead of a tornado, there was this amazing rainbow, so I took my cell phone and took a picture of it (through the windshield and rain while driving) and sent it to this blog. Technology is cool, but nature is cooler.


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It is always sad to see a wise blogger with incredible writing skills hang it up. Publius, we hardly knew ye.

Fundies Stole My Jesus!

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That’s the cry of an angry single mom at, uh, the Angry Single Mom blog.  Here’s a sample: Arthur Ruger wrote a thought-provoking article about the dichotomy between the Jesus of the New Testament and the Jesus of the fundamentalists. He correctly compares the High Priests of Evangelical Hyperbole to the Pharisees and the Sadducees, those responsible for Jesus’ death. … Read More

Bloggers vs. Journalists

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Matt Yglesius informs us all of the difference between bloggers and journalists in this fine post: He Said / She Said I went down to Norfolk to be on a panel discussion with The Washington Post‘s Mike Allen, talking about blogs to interested Virginia Press Association members. Mike had something to say on the topic of "he said, she said" … Read More

Top Twenty Worst Americans

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Several blogs were surveyed and asked to list, in order, the twenty worst figures in American history. Here are the results for right-winger bloggers, as tallied here: Honorable Mentions: Ted Bundy (5), Jane Fonda (5), John Wayne Gacy (5), John Walker Lindh (5), Joe McCarthy (5), Michael Moore (5), Boss Tweed (5) 17) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (6)17) John Walker (6)17) … Read More

On Clicking The Link

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Kevin Drum does gives a beautiful example of how the rightwing blogosphere likes to be, uh, less than truthful in their reporting.  Oh, they have links to back up what they say . . . except for the fact that . . . . well, I’ll let Kevin Drum explain: Here is why you should always click the link. Today, … Read More

Hypocrisy of the Right – Part II

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Eason Jordon believed that U.S. soldiers were targetting journalists. Ann "It’s Time for the New McCarthyism" Coulter wants U.S. soldiers to target journalists. Eason Jordon’s statement is made in a closed-door symposium with relatively few listeners. He retracts it almost immediately. Ann Coulter’s statement was made on national television to untold millions of listeners. She never retracts it. Eason Jordon … Read More

Right Blogosphere vs. Left Blogosphere

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Chris Bowers at MyDD has an excellant post comparing the right wing political blogosphere with the left wing political blogosphere. It is worth a study, not just a mere read, so do it. The basic thrust is this: The left wing blogosphere gets more traffic The left wing blogosphere has been more influential in affecting actual political change (raising money … Read More

Blogging Jumps The Shark

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I’m not the first to say it, but it bears re-stating — blogging has officially jumped the shark. The moment when the shark got hisself all jumped: 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, last night. That’s the moment when Larry King first blogged. Ugh! And this is what he blogged: Posted: 10:00 p.m. ET From Larry King, host, "Larry King Live" … Read More