The Trump Backlash Continues

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A $6 billion golf community under construction in Dubai is removing his name from the project. Trump was tossed from a respected business network in Scotland, where the billionaire says he invested more than $300 million in golf courses and other developments. And Lifestyle, a retailer that does business in an enormous marketplace spanning the Middle East, India and Africa, … Read More

Fox News Moron Doubles Down With Dr. Carson: Stupid Jews Could Have Taken The Nazis

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Yes, the European Jews were just a bunch of pants-wetting pansies back in the thirties: Dr. Ben Carson recently asserted that if guns had not been confiscated from Jews then Hitler would have had more trouble orchestrating the Holocaust. Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director of the Anti-Defamation Leauge, quickly objected, stating that there were few firearms available to Jews in Germany … Read More

Megan McArdle Should Stop Thinking… And Writing

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Daily Beast columnist Megan McArdle has figured it out.  The mass shooting problem.  We don’t have to debate it anymore. In a long screed at the Daily Beast entitled “There’s Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre”, McArdle goes through all the proposals out there — banning certain guns, taxing or banning ammunition, greater checks on the mentally ill, etc. … Read More

Chart Of The Day

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Grammerly is an app that, well, judges and fixes your grammer (in, say, Word documents). The folks at Grammerly went to 2016 Presidential candidates’ Facebook page, taking comments that were at least 15 words long and expressed either positive or neutral feelings about the candidate. Then, the app selected at least 180 of those comments to analyze for each candidate. Which … Read More

Shorter Ramesh Ponnuru

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Shorter Ramesh Ponnuru (ex-convict at National Review Online): “Okay, I admit that the alarming amount of guns is responsible for all these mass shootings.  Why can’t the left admit that dead American kids are a small price to pay for the civil liberties of gun owners?”

The Right Wing Welcomes The Pope

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The Pope’s message:: In his strongest remarks yet concerning the world’s economic and financial crises, the pope said, “Money has to serve, not to rule. “We have created new idols,” Pope Francis told a group of diplomats gathered at the Vatican on May 16, and the “golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult … Read More

Why Ben Shapiro Is An Ass (And Peggy Noonan Is A Liar)

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This is so unbelievably bizarre.  Esquire even calls it “the dumbest response to the Virginia TV shooting”.  Shaprio (and, which posted this — Shapiro is the Editor) argues this:  After the Charleston shootings, he says, the “entire political and media establishment” blamed the Confederate flag.  So if they were consistent, he goes on, then we should blame Black Lives Matter … Read More

An Observation

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Isn’t it amusing that conservatives claim to love America, but want to wave the Confederate flag which was used by several states in its war against America? Isn’t it amusing how conservatives claim to love the Constitution, but when it is explained to them what it says, they want to change it?

What Digby Says: Ann Counter

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A good article in Slate notes the fall of Ann Coulter and postulates why: [New York magazine’s Anne] Lowrey thinks Coulter is pretty much an act that’s gone sour in the age of polarization and she may be right. She compares her to Donald Trump (who Coulter extols for his “immigrants are rapists” comments, which she believes he got from … Read More

Charlestown Shooter Was A Product Of The Left Wing: Fox News

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Wow, this spin is laughable. Fox News guest Kevin Jackson said today that Dylann Roof — who was photographed sporting white supremacist flags and badges and whose alleged manifesto cited the white nationalist group the Council of Conservative Citizens before killing nine black parishioners in a Charleston, South Carolina church — was clearly “a product of the left” and that his killing spree “absolutely … Read More

Fox Drops Palin

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Fox News has decided not to renew the contract of former vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), according to Politico   The reason?  Because Fox “executives consider her less relevant now, and her appearances were sometimes hampered by the vast time difference with Alaska”  But mostly the first reason, I imagine.