“Why wasn’t letting Schiavo die a Christian option, too?”

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It’s a damn fine question, asked by (among many others) the Rev. Frederick Schmidt, an Episcopal priest and theologian at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, according to this wonderful article in the St. Petersburg Times: "I think the religious right is captive to a medical, scientific description of life that equates merely to survival," said Schmidt, director of spiritual life … Read More

Dr. Cheshire Cat

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Jeb Bush has found a neurologist who claims that Terri Schiavo’s diagnosis ha been wrong all these years.  He claims that Terri, rather than being in a "persistent vegetative state", is actually in what the medical profession calls a "minimal conscious state". That doctor’s name is Dr. Cheshire.  Let’s take a look at him, shall we? Perhaps one place to … Read More

What Would Jesus Do?

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Beautifully put by Heriod at The American Street Dateline Jerusalem, 29 a.d. — The ongoing controversy surrounding whether or not Jesus of Nazareth has the right to voluntarily die on the cross, took a dramatic turn yesterday. Roman Senator, Billius Fristus Felinocidicus announced that in a late night, weekend session, the Senate had passed an imperial edict, signed by Emperor … Read More

Schiavo Latest

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Actually, there is remarkably little to say.  The debate rages on, and the debate about the debate rages on.  Meanwhile, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals panel affirmed the lower court’s decision to replace the feeding tube, and the Schindlers are now appealing to the full panel of the 11th Circuit.  The next stop after that, and probably the last … Read More

Starving to Death? The Calculated Inflammatory Rhetoric of the Christian Right

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As one might expect, the American Journal of Bioethics is following the Schiavo case closely.  One recent bioethicist/commentator took to task those who like to insult the hospice industry, under the false assumption that caring nurses and doctors would allow Terri Schiavo to experience pain and discomfort.  She writes: One of the more disturbing aspects of the political rhetoric is … Read More

Disconcerting News

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WASHINGTON – The Earth may be on the brink of a worldwide epidemic from a bird flu virus that may mutate to become as deadly and infectious as viruses that killed millions during three influenza pandemics of the 20th century, a federal health official said Monday. *** "The science here is all alerting us that we have a great deal … Read More

No Shit, Sherlock

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The New England Journal of Medicine reports on a study which concludes that medical interns who have been "working for 32 consecutive hours with only two or three hours of sleep" are twice as likely to get into car accidents on the way home from work.  The study, conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School, also concluded that when medical … Read More

We’ll Call It “The Freedom Vaccine”

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Now we’re told that Chiron (which, by the way, Bush lied about in the last debate) was supposed to supply "46 million to 48 million doses, nearly half of the country’s projected need of 100 million doses" of the flu vaccine, according to CNN. But should we worry? No, says Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. See, apparently when … Read More