Black People? WHAT Black People?

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Check out the subheadline in the Comcast news heading pictured here.  It says "Bush Denies Race An Issue In Relief". Now look at the racial makeup of the people that Bush is visiting.  Mostly white. There’s two kinds of "colorblind".  There’s "colorblind" in the sense one refuses to see racial differences which don’t matter.  That’s the good kind. Then there’s … Read More

Dolls, Not Rap

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Rebecca Hagelin at sees the Katrina disaster as an indictment of the gangsta culture.  Let’s have fun with her: Throwing out the thugsRebecca Hagelin This famous, selfless cry for the safety of others is best associated with the tragedy of the Titanic, when thousands lost their lives in the frozen waters of the sea so many years ago. Yes.  … Read More

Katrina And Race

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Much has been said and written about the factor that race played (or didn’t play) in the response to Katrina.  Nothing I say can add to the voices out there, and Shakespeare’s Sister asks some pretty good questions: I believe both the extremity of and, most importantly, the official response to the incompetence have everything to do with the skin … Read More

Media Bias

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A pregnant mother in California goes missing in 2002, and foul play is suspected.  Months later, her body turns up in a San Francisco harbor. Laci Peterson?  Wrong.  Her name is Evelyn Hernandez. A young attractive woman from the South goes missing. Natalee Holloway?  Nope.  Her name is Tamika Huston. Never heard of Evelyn Hernandez and Tamika Huston?  Of course … Read More

Jesse’s Deathbed Conversion

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In his new book, Jesse Helms admits he was wrong about AIDS back when he thought it was just a gay thing.  He came to see the light thanks to his “friends”, who (he says) include Bono.  Now, there’s a pairing I didn’t expect to see, like, ever. But Jesse can’t quite erase his racist past, try as he might: … Read More

NOW They Tell Me!

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Last week, a dozen of the top American law journals announced their commitment to reducing the length of law review articles. (Source)  P.S. Speaking of academics, here’s a pretty good honors thesis.

Eyes On The Prize

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About 20 years ago, I (like millions of others) saw an extraordinary documentary called "Eyes On The Prize". Shown in multiple parts over several days, the documentary is without a doubt THE documentary chronicling the United States civil rights movement. I have long wondered what happened to film, expecting it to show up on DVD one of these days. Sadly, … Read More

Mississippi: Still As Backwater As Ever

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While the rest of the country was celebrating Martin Luther King yesterday, the State of Mississippi just couldn’t bring itself to the table.  Well, not all the way.  Instead, Mississippi celebrates the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King.  Yes, THOSE two go together really well. Anyway, enjoy this actual recording of a phone call to the Mississippi … Read More