Life Discovered In Space?

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Maybe, maybe not. There have been seeming credible reports on the Internet that sea plankton has been found on the windows of the International Space Station, plankton that wasn't there at takeoff. So say some Russians.  But not the official ones: “Results of the experiment are absolutely unique. We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the … Read More

Officer Go-Fuck-Yourself

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I swear.  These must be the dumbest cops alive.  I mean, don't they realize the complaint against them is that they are too quick on the draw?  That they are failures as cops by drawing high-powered guns on unarmed civilians? Yet, this cop goes right ahead and does it.  In front of cameras.  And then he points his gun at the … Read More

RIP Don Pardo

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He was on my short list dead pool, but not my competitive list. But I remember him well from Season 1 of Saturday Night Live.  Hard to believe he announced that show every year except one.  Even after he retired to Arizona in 2006, he still did the SNL intro.  Amazing.

Brown Shot Six Times

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… and it looks like the fatal shots were the last two, which hit him on the top of the head.  Apparently, while falling forward.  NOT at close range. The New York Times has the details. Meanwhile last night… another night of clashes.  Although law enforcement is better (the Missouri State Police are not provoking lawlessness like the St. Louis County … Read More

Michael Brown Implicated In Cigar Robbery

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This morning, police identified Darren Wilson as the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown. They also released surveillance photos showing Michael Brown shoplifting some cigars and man-handling the store owner.  This all took place hours before the shooting. I'm not sure this changes the issue (although I know for many bigots, this is all they need). Brown was an unarmed … Read More

Suicide – Brave Or Cowardly?

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A person from my past had issues.  She was diagnosed with Bipolar I, which they don't diagnose unless you have psychotic episodes, which she claimed to have had.  I never witnessed any (I don't think); in fact, what I witnessed mostly was the depressive side of her bipolarity, which included a suicide attempt or two. In that depressive state, we would … Read More

No Question. The Ferguson Police Are Thugs

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I've withheld writing about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.  For those distracted by other news stories, Michael Brown was to start college this week. Instead, his parents are planning his funeral. On August 9th, Mr Brown was shot several times and killed by a policeman in Ferguson, a suburb near St Louis, Missouri. The police say the black 18-year-old attacked … Read More

RIP Robin Williams

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The mental illness of depression claims another.  The irony of someone so gifted in humor could be felled by depression.  This is how I'll remember him:   As for the nature of his death, let me borrow the thoughts of another blogger on what suicide isn't:  But I felt compelled to write this article because like any mental illness-related accident … Read More