Head Explode

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Christian conservatives are complaining about the new Russell Crowe action movie "Noah" because it does not accurately depict the real-life flood as written in the Bible. Oy. By the way, has anyone answered the question as to where all the flood waters went?  I mean, the whole planet was covered in water — higher than the highest mountain.  Where did all … Read More

Is Climate Change Real

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Somebody went back and looked at all the articles about climate change in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 10,853 articles accepted that climate change is real and humans are the cause of it. 2 did not. Graphically, that looks like this: Can we stop the “debate” now?

The Hobby Lobby Case

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Justice Anthony Kennedy, on whose vote the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case rests, seems very concerned about the government forcing corporations to cover abortion: WASHINGTON, DC — Justice Anthony Kennedy thinks gay people are fabulous. All three of the Supreme Court’s most important gay rights decisions were written by Justice Kennedy. So advocates for birth control had a simple task today: convince Kennedy … Read More

“Justified Shooting”

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That's what the chief of police in Albequerque, NM calls this. There is a verbal confrontation between James Boyd, 38, a homeless and mentally disturbed man camping out in the mountains of New Mexico… and the armed police with attack dogs. But eventually, Boyd agrees to gather his stuff and go.  He does not make a move to the officers. … Read More

It Took A Spill, But NC Voters Finally Came Around

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Good news: The Sierra Club on Tuesday released the results of a poll it commissioned from Hart Research Associates that shows broad bipartisan support for regulation of coal ash among voters in North Carolina. Hart polled 600 North Carolina voters earlier this month, and found that 83 percent of respondents want coal ash regulated as a hazardous substance and 90 percent think … Read More

Apparently There’s Still A Debate About This?

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Give it up, science deniers.  You don't get equal time: Sunday's episode of Cosmos was all about evolution. It closely followed the rhetorical strategy of Charles Darwin's world-changing 1859 book, On the Origin of Species, beginning with an example of "artificial selection" by breeders (Darwin used pigeons, Cosmos used domestic dogs) to get us ready to appreciate the far vaster … Read More