Are Congressional Republicans Growing A Pair?

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The Hill: Frustrated Republicans say it’s time for the Senate to reclaim more power over foreign policy and are planning to move a measure Thursday that would be a stunning rebuke to a president of their own party.  GOP lawmakers are deeply concerned over President Trump’s reluctance to listen to his senior military and intelligence advisers, fearing it could erode national … Read More

Tony Blair Lied Britain Into The Iraq War (P.S. Bush Did, Too)

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Across the pond, rather than running bullshit investigations like our Benghazi hearings, the parliamentarian body did something useful and tried to discern how they got involved in a huge quagmire. Sir John Chilcot delivered a devastating critique of Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003, concluding that Britain chose to join the US invasion before “peaceful … Read More

Obama Calls Out The Iraq War Prevaricators

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President Obama’s speech on the Iran nuke deal was a classic. He made a convincing argument for supporting the agreement and provides a plausible overview of what will happen if Congress doesn’t approve it. But he also talked about those opposing the deal, pointing out that these people are the same ones who got us into a costly and pointless … Read More

Hey, Let’s Train The Iraqi Soldiers

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Things have gone to hell in Iraq, especially in the fight against the Islamic State group (ISIS) in Iraq. The strongest evidence of this is the recent takeover of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province by ISIS forces.  Although Iraqi soldiers “vastly outnumbered” their opposition in Ramadi, they quickly withdrew last week, leaving behind a half-dozen tanks, a similar number of artillery … Read More

The Stewart- Miller Interview

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People wonder if The Daily Show will be as funny when Jon Stewart moves on.  Maybe,  Maybe not.  But comedy aside, I wonder if the new host will have the same journalistic chops as Stewart. Judith Miller is making her rounds with a new memoir titled “The Story: A Reporter’s Journey.” She reportedly got a $1.2 million dollar advance for the book … Read More

Rambos Go To Prison

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A little justice from Bush’s horrid war: A federal judge Monday sentenced a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard to life in prison and three others to 30-year terms for killing 14 unarmed civilians in a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007, an incident that fomented deep resentments about the accountability of American security forces during one of the bloodiest periods of the … Read More

The American Sniper Controversy

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I don’t expect “historical” movies to be documentaries.  I have no problem with some artistic license for dramatic purposes. I saw “American Sniper” recently, not knowing that it was based on the real life events of Chris Kyle, known as “The Legend” for his abilities during the Iraq War.  It was clear from the end of the film (which cut … Read More

The Lesson From 2002

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We all have felt it from time to time.  The urge to simply go nuclear. It's understandable.  Some backwoods jihadi moron slices off an American head, or a bunch of them band together and fly hijacked airplanes into sckyscrapers, and our natural reaction is: "Fuck you.  NOW you're going to see the hand of God." The problem with that is … Read More

Party of Delusion

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This is amazing.  Most Republicans really live in a bubble not connected to reality. A recent Dartmouth study polled Democrats, Republicans and Independents on various matters related to foreign policy. At the end were two questions which revealed astounding results: That's right — 63% of Republicans still think Iraq had WMDs, even though the Bush Administration (finally) admitted otherwise. And … Read More

How To Overthrow A Dictator

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So with the (unconfirmed) news that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been killed, sounding the end of his 35 year brutal regime in Libya, now would be a good time to pull some lessons on how to actually do dictator-toppling. Unilateral or coalition? Iraq, under Bush:  The organized international community was against the War in Iraq, so Bush created what he called … Read More