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Grammerly is an app that, well, judges and fixes your grammer (in, say, Word documents).

The folks at Grammerly went to 2016 Presidential candidates’ Facebook page, taking comments that were at least 15 words long and expressed either positive or neutral feelings about the candidate. Then, the app selected at least 180 of those comments to analyze for each candidate.

Which candidate’s supporters had the best mastery of the English language?  Which has the worst?

Welcome the chart of the day….


That’s right.  All five Democratic presidential candidates’ supporters beat ALL of the Republican presidential candidates’ supporters.

Supporters of Donald Trump made grammatical errors an average — an AVERAGE — of 12.6 times every 100 words.  Oh my god.

To be honest, I don’t think this chart really means anything.  I imagine most of the candidates fall within the margin of error of each other.  And grammatical errors doesn’t necessarily mean stupidity — perhaps the writers are angry, or are intentionally using “internet parlance” (emoticons, etc.).  But it IS interesting that all the Dems beat out ALL the Republicans, and that Trump was so MUCH of an outlier.