North Carolina Is Shark Central

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Number of shark attacks in NC waters 2004-2014: 25 (average of 2.5 every year) Number of shark attacks in NC water this year: 4 so far (and it isn’t even July yet) Why? “It’s kind of a perfect storm,” says George H. Burgess, the director of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Burgess says … Read More

Kennedy’s Majority Opinion In The Same-Sex Marriage Case Is Conservative, Outdated And A Bit Offensive

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Check out this argument, which I agree with, and which is making the rounds in one form or another: The immediate consequence — the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples in all 50 states — is a civil rights victory and a step toward the betterment of our people. But Kennedy’s argument, which is no elegant piece of law, reinforces … Read More

Insert Your Own Joke About Christie And The Clown Car

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There was a time when I honestly thought that Chris Christie posed the most serious threat to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  He’s smart, dynamic, and occupies the center better than the firebrand tea partiers.  He showed a willingness to be… uh… what’s the word…. reasonable. But then two things happened: (1)  Bridgegate (2)  Hurricane Sandy You would think … Read More

“God Don’t Like Ugly”

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The boys were out over the weekend celebrating their heritage with Confederate flags flown from the backs of their pickup trucks.  All over the south.  A reporter in Asheville spoke with an eighteen year-old kid doing the same: We were talking about the reaction he’s gotten flying the battle flag, and Billingsley said it’s been overwhelmingly positive — lots of … Read More

Pastor Calls For Execution Of Gays

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I know.  He’s fringe and we shouldn’t pay attention to fringe.  But I couldn’t resist: Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for the execution of all LGBT people. “I hate them with a perfect hatred,” Anderson shouted. “I count them mine enemies.” Yeah. … Read More

Only Two Women Alive Who Were Born In The 19th Century

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When Susannah Mushatt Jones and Emma Morano were born in 1899, there was not yet world war or penicillin, and electricity was still considered a marvel. The women are believed to be the last two in the world with birthdates in the 1800s. Jones, who lives in New York, currently tops a list of supercentenarians, or people who have lived … Read More

What Digby Says: Ann Counter

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A good article in Slate notes the fall of Ann Coulter and postulates why: [New York magazine’s Anne] Lowrey thinks Coulter is pretty much an act that’s gone sour in the age of polarization and she may be right. She compares her to Donald Trump (who Coulter extols for his “immigrants are rapists” comments, which she believes he got from … Read More

Boston: Up Close

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This video may not seem remarkable at first…. Boston, U.S.A. from UrtheCast on Vimeo. It’s Boston… and you can see Fenway Park and cars moving on Storrow Drive as well as I-40. Here’s the astonishing, but creepy, thing about this: it was taken from space.  From a satellite.  You can see the Prudential Center and the Hancock Building appear to … Read More

Charlestown Shooter Was A Product Of The Left Wing: Fox News

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Wow, this spin is laughable. Fox News guest Kevin Jackson said today that Dylann Roof — who was photographed sporting white supremacist flags and badges and whose alleged manifesto cited the white nationalist group the Council of Conservative Citizens before killing nine black parishioners in a Charleston, South Carolina church — was clearly “a product of the left” and that his killing spree “absolutely … Read More

SCOTUS Round-up: Three More Five-To-Four Decisions Today

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Today is the last day of the SCOTUS term, and so they issued the last of their opinions.  The two biggest cases — on Obamacare and sames-sex marriage — came out at the end of last week, so a lot fewer people were paying attention this morning.  Here’s what happened: (1)  DEATH PENALTY – The 5-4 decision in Glossip v. … Read More

Bad Reactions

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Helluva week last week.  Supreme Court rulings upholding Obamacare and recognizing same sex marriage as a right.  Obama sings at a funeral for slain pastor after he and others are killed by a white supremacist, and Confederate flags start coming down.  Good week for progressives. They’re going nuts over at National Review Online.  The once austere magazine and website is … Read More

End of Prison Break

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Back stories:  Prison Break and Richard Matt Shot Well, it looks like they got the other guy.  The 22-day manhunt for David Sweat and Richard Matt ended Sunday when the fugitive was spotted just 2 miles from the Canadian border. He made it closer to Canada than Matt, who was found and killed Friday near Malone, New York.  Both men had signs … Read More

Unconfirmed [Now Confirmed] Reports Say Richard Matt, One Of Two Upstate NY Prison Escapees Has Been Shot

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Breaking: MALONE – Richard Matt has been shot and may be dead near Malone, a source has told The Buffalo News. Tweets from the Plattsburgh Press Republican said that several trooper cars with lights flashing were headed west in Malone of Fayette Road about 4 p.m.. New York Times confirms: Richard W. Matt, one of the convicted murderers who staged … Read More

You Won’t See This In A President Again

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President Obama, standing at a podium at the front of a large audience, and in front of black church members and Rev. Pinckney’s family, begins to sing “Amazing Grace” a capella, and the people in the room join him, then musicians begin to accompany him. After one verse, the President shouts the names of the victims, saying each of them … Read More