Why The Tea Party Is Against Immigration Reform

In their own words:


This is Ken Crow, who used to be president of Tea Party of America until he bungled logistics of a Sarah Palin speech and is now affiliated with Tea Party Community.  He got up and started talking about "well-bred Americans."

Here is some video of what followed, in which he made a straightforward case for racial purity.

The transcript:

From those incredible blood lines of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and John Smith. And all these great Americans, Martin Luther King. These great Americans who built this country. You came from them. And the unique thing about being from that part of the world, when you learn about breeding, you learn that you cannot breed Secretariat to a donkey and expect to win the Kentucky Derby. You guys have incredible DNA and don't forget it.


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  1. Bill
    July 17, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Nope, nothing racist about the Tea Party…

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