The Bush Family Pool Boy Speaks

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Not a particularly interesting article.  The pool boy, as it turns out, doesn’t have a lot of inside poop.  But this was interesting — a run-in he had with members of Bush’s extended family:

Turns out a leaf-skimmer doesn’t have tremendous access. In fact, the most insider-y stuff came from outside the gates, at a recent war protest aimed at the Bush compound. (For the record, Razsa felt obliged to attend in honor of a friend who was departing for Iraq; in fact he was as scornful of the "hippie protest kids" as he was of the pro-war element that showed up.) Leaving the demonstration, he stopped at a lemonade stand where a young girl and her mother had set up shop. They got to talking, and it turned out they were family of George Herbert Walker III, former ambassador to Hungary and first cousin of the ex-president up the road.

Ever respectful, Razsa kept his politics to himself and enjoyed the lemonade. It was the young girl who turned to him and held forth: "Just because we’re related to them, doesn’t mean we vote for them or believe in what they do."

"What did she say?" the mother asked.

Shocked, Razsa repeated the girl’s declaration.

The mother nodded in approval.