Are We Safe?

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Apparently not.

(1)  Natural disaster drill canceled because of red-tape confusion:

A mock evacuation that was supposed to be part of a two-day statewide hurricane preparedness drill was canceled after a misunderstanding about who had jurisdiction over a Federal Emergency Management Agency trailer park.

Imagine what would have happened if it was not a drill.

(2)  New Jersey toxic chemical plants are vulnerable:

Millions of residents of the central U.S. East Coast are at risk of death or injury from release of toxic chemicals because of lax security at chemical plants in New Jersey, a study released on Tuesday said.

New Jersey has 110 plants that could release life-threatening chemicals into the environment in "worst-case scenarios" developed by chemical manufacturers, such as accidents or terrorist attacks, said the study by the New Jersey Work Environment Council, an alliance of labor, community and environmental organizations.

The study cites six facilities where a major chemical release could kill or injure as many as 1 million people, and another 15 facilities that could each affect 100,000 people.

That must make you feel all warm and fuzzy, huh?  But you have to love this graf:

Elvin Montero, a spokesman for the Chemistry Council of New Jersey, which represents chemical manufacturers, said the study itself undermined security by releasing information about the locations and activities of chemical manufacturers that has not been widely available since the attacks of Sept. 11.

Interesting theory.  That’s kind of like saying you don’t need to lock your car doors when you go to the mall, so long as you don’t tell people that you’ve left your car doors unlocked.