Failure IS An Option

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Let’s get serious.  Bush screwed up by getting us into Iraq in the first place, and screwed it up once we were there.  He had no plan yada yada yada. But let’s put down the anti-Bush signs and flags and ribbons and ask some simple questions with respect to Iraq:  NOW what?  How do we “win”? I’m struggling with this, … Read More

Quo Vadis?

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Note to White House: If you want sell your message to the American people about how great things are in Iraq, don’t use Latin.

Operation Yellow Elephant Update

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Max Blumenthal talks to College Republicans, and asks them why they aren’t enlisting.  The responses are what you would expect: “a nagging football injury”, “my ex-hippy parents don’t want me to”, etc. Then there is Cory Bray, a senior at at U.Penn’s Wharton School of Business.  From the bar at a college Republican party, Bray brayed: "The people opposed to … Read More

Terrorists Heart Bush

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Remember that ridiculous meme during the past election that the terrorists were rooting for John Kerry to win?  Apparently, just the opposite: Two French journalists who were held hostage in Iraq told a British documentary program that their captors believed George W. Bush’s re-election as US president would help radicalize Iraqis. Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, who were seized in … Read More

Bush’s Speech

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From the speech: And the larger purpose of our involvement has always been to help the nations of The Middle East become independent and stand alone, self-sustaining, as members of a great world community – at peace with themselves, and at peace with all others. With such an Iraq, our country-and the world will be far more secure than it … Read More

Better There Than Here?

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One of the most annoying and disingenuous memes coming from the White House these days—and Bush repeated it in his speech last night—is the idea that it is better to fight the terrorists in Iraq than it is to fight them here.  When I first heard that message, I dismissed it as silly rhetoric . . . but then, I … Read More

Bush Then And Now

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THEN: "Victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is . . . I think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn." — Bush criticizing President Clinton on not setting a timetable … Read More

Washington Nationals and George Soros

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Just another sign that some Republicans are so anti-progressive that they abandon every notion of common sense.  The latest outrage from the right?  They’re upset because billionaire and progressive-cause-supporter George Soros wants to be a part-owner of the MLB baseball team, the Washington Nationals. Rep. Thomas David (R-Va) issued a veiled threat to Major League Baseball, suggesting that if Soros … Read More

Freedom In Iraq

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NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Students in the Shi’ite Muslim religious Iraqi city of Najaf said that police recently arrested and beat several of them for wearing jeans and having long hair. “They arrested us because of our hair and because we were wearing jeans,” said student Mohammed Jasim, adding that the arrests took place two weeks ago in the city, … Read More

Deja Vu All Over Again

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Does anyone else remember the summer of 2001?  The headlines were filled with stories about shark attacks, Tom Cruise’s love life (with Nicole), and missing-but-presumed-dead white women (Shandra Levy).  Bush was sinking fast in the polls, and Reps/Dems were sniping at each other. And then, at the end of the summer in 2001, some bad shit went down (you may … Read More

Congressman Questions War And White House Secrecy

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"The administration should clarify its intent in [this war]… People lack confidence in the credibility of our government… It’s a difficult thing today to be informed about our government even without all the secrecy. With the secrecy, it’s impossible. The American people will do what’s right when they have the information they need… Who said it? Representative Donald Rumsfeld (R-IL), … Read More

Supreme Court Rules On Valerie Plame Journalists

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The Supreme Court ruled today that journalists cannot avoid grand jury subpeonae asking them to reveal their sources (or, put another way, that journalists can face jail time for failing to reveal their sources in response to a grand jury subpoena). This puts the plaintiffs, Time magazine’s Matthew Cooper and The New York Times’ Judith Miller, in a precarious position.  … Read More

Supreme Court Rules On Ten Commandments

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BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Ten Commandment displays are not permissible in courthouses. Well, that’s what the headlines are screaming at the moment.  The devil, as they say, is in the details.  For example, is the Decalogue permissible if it is part of a larger display about the origins of law? UPDATE No. 1:  Decision was 5-4, … Read More

Winnie The Pooh Death Watch

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Paul Winchell, the voice of Tigger, died Friday at the age of 82. John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet, died Saturday at the age of 80. Not household names, but you may know them without knowing you know them.  Paul Winchell holds a special place in my heart, because he is the subject of my earliest memory.  I must have … Read More