The Alcoholic Stoned Presidency

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Digby is asking some pretty blunt questions about Bush’s drinking and cocaine problem.

Like . . . why is Bush, who supposedly kicked his alcohol problem in the 1980’s, drinking a beer here at the G-8 Summit? (Yes, it’s his glass. Count the participants and match them with the booze).

And why was Bush so drunk here (Quicktime video) in 1992?

And why does he keep getting all bruises on his face from falling down? Choking on pretzels?

All this, of course, while Kitty Kelly’s book comes out which alleges that Dubya was doing coke at Camp David during his father’s presidency. Don’t look now, but even the mainstream media is covering that one . . .

No, no. This is not a smear. You see, I’m just asking questions here. After all, Bush made his drinking and drug habit a campaign issue, since he is running on family values (he does, after all, mention "values" in every speech). And unless the President comes clean with the American people about these questions, I will be forced to declare his claims of alcohol and drug rehab as officially bogus.

And I haven’t even brought up Robin Garner (nee Lowman) and her abortion yet. Heh.