California Shooting Rampage

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A horrific mass shooting at UCSB over the weekend.  A lunatic armed with a semi-automatic handgun allegedly posted a misogynistic tirade on YouTube before hunting down and shooting women on campus. Seven dead (including the gunman) and seven more injured. Nothing to see here. Move along, right?

The deaths this weekend were disgusting, but not as disgusting as "Joe The Plumber", who writes to the father of the victims and explains why his Second Amendment rights trump the life of his son.

Anyway, what Atrios said:

Obviously they're a scary crowd to mock, because they, you know, have guns. Which is part of the point. But it is time to up the mockery of the giant external penis of death crowd. They're ridiculous cowards at best, and sociopathic wannabee serial killers, or occasionally actual serial killers, at worst. Losers.