Breaking: Gaetz And Other Republicans Perform Desperate Stunt [And Other Impeachment news]

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About two dozen House Republicans, chanting “Let us in! Let us in!” tried to storm the secure room where a Defense Department official arrived this morning to testify in the impeachment inquiry, refusing to leave even after they were turned back by Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that was leading … Read More

Document Dump: Senate Report On Russian Interference In 2016 Election

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The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on Russian ratfucking in the 2016 election was released today and it didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know, or hadn’t already intuited, but it told us a lot more about what we already knew or already had intuited. What is significant, of course, is that this comes from the Republican-majority Senate. From the report itself: … Read More

What’s This? No Seriously, What’s This?

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This is a confusing and bizarre story but I think it may be one of those escalations that could wind up being an important moment. Talking Points Memo lays out the story: What’s there to hide? That’s what a congressional panel investigating a potentially urgent whistleblower complaint from the intelligence community wants to know. On Friday, House Intelligence Committee chair … Read More

House Judiciary To Focus On Hush Money To Porn Star Scandal

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I’ve always thought that the Stormy Daniels scandal was much worse for Trump than L’Affaire Russe, if only because it doesn’t involve dark unknowable Russians AND the White House cannot hide everything in executive privilege. It seems others agree: House Democrats plan to shift their focus this fall to President Trump’s alleged role in the hush money scheme that led … Read More

Majority of House Dems Are Now On The Record As Favoring Impeachment

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That’s the headline. Despite conventional wisdom that Mueller’s House testimony was a bomb, the momentum for impeachment keeps on growing: The impeachment dam has broken. More than half of House Democrats say they would vote to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, a crucial threshold that backers said will require Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reconsider her steadfast opposition. Though … Read More

Yeah, Let’s Do This.

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Language from the suit makes clear that impeachment under consideration. “Articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of the Committee’s investigation, although no final determination has been made.” — Manu Raju (@mkraju) July 26, 2019 Pelosi has signed off on this language, Dems say — Manu Raju (@mkraju) July 26, 2019 Just asked Nadler if what they’re doing now … Read More

Mitch McConnell Block Bills To Ensure Election Security

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Election security is national security. Right now, election security is all done at the state and local level, and many districts and states simply do not have the money or technology to stop hackers. This not only includes Russia, but China, Iran, and even domestic ne’er-do-wells. AP: Robert Mueller warned that Russian interference is still happening “as we sit here.” … Read More

It Looks Like No Impeachment Inquiry

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I’m John Cole: I guess maybe because I read the damned report, unlike, apparently, the FBI director and every member of the Republican caucus, there was nothing really newsworthy there today. Just an aged bureaucrat calmly answering questions from a bunch of people who, with limited exceptions, had far inferior intellect. I don’t know how the man made it through … Read More

Mueller Testifies

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Trump weighed in just before Mueller was sworn in — NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 24, 2019 It is an hour and a half into Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee and it is clear that Democrats are very organized, getting lots of information out by asking “Isn’t true [quote from report], … Read More

Mueller Day Preview

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Tomorrow is “Mueller Day” – the day before Robert Mueller testifies before Congress. Mueller is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence panels Wednesday morning beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET. The former special counsel has been a reluctant witness, and is appearing before subpoena. Democrats plan to push Mueller on several aspects of his investigation as well as the … Read More

News Bits

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(1) ABOUT TIME From the Washington Post: House Democrats filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Trump administration seeking access to President Trump’s tax returns. Rep. Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, filed the lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department after months of feuding with the Trump administration over the returns. … Read More

The Perils Of Immigrants

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This photo hit the public yesterday and went viral. Chuck Schumer: “President Trump, I want you to look at this photo. These are not drug dealers or vagrants or criminals. They are people simply fleeing a horrible situation in their home country for a better life.”Via The Hill — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 26, 2019 The man and his … Read More