Greece Caves

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Well, so much for those Greek folks vote.  And so much for challenging the austerity measures After a marathon of negotiations last night, Greece agreed to asked-for reforms and a pledge to strap itself in a fiscal straitjacket to save its banks and stay in the euro.  Germany was the hard-liner that did not budge an each.  The deal worked … Read More

Blogging Update

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(1)  Light blogging lately, if you haven’t noticed.  Death in the family. (2)  Loyal reader SH informs me that comments are not “taking” when “Post Comments” is clicked.  He’s right.  Whaddup?  Dunno.  Looking into it….. UPDATE:  Okay…. trying something new.  Seems to work okay. (3)  And I’ve missed a lot…. Nimoy’s death, Netanyahou, Hillary’s emails….

Goodbye To The Dish

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The term “weblog” was coined in December 1997.  The short form, “blog,” was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog in April or May 1999.  Back then, blogs were a very small and largely unknown part of the Internet. Political blogs starting appearing in 2001, and … Read More

None Of The World Leaders At The Paris Demonstration Were At The Paris Demonstration

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As American media goes into all-out concern troll mode because President Obama didn’t join other world leaders at the demonstration in Paris, it should be pointed out that those world leaders weren’t actually at the demonstration either. They were in a separate isolated area, under heavy security. This was a staged photo op, made to look like they joined the … Read More

New Blog To Be Witness To The End of the World

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It’s been a month since I last wrote anything for the web. I am shutting down my previous blog, The Seventh Sense, and trying something new, here, reformatted and up-to-date with the latest blogging technology. The Ashford Zone picks up where The Seventh Sense  left off, albeit a month later (and, If I can figure it out, with all of The Seventh Sense … Read More

Denial of Service Attacks

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Typepad and therefore this blog has been under attack for the past several days…. for ransom: UPDATE: SAY Media has responded that they, too, received a “ransom” note which didn’t specify an amount. The company ignored the note and focused instead on mitigating the attack. They are also cooperating with the FBI on this investigation. “We’ve made excellent progress this morning, … Read More

Election Day 2014

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It's an off-year, so most people aren't focussed on it, although they really should be.  Local elections effect your life just as much as national ones.  And they act as a bellweather for national trends.  Here are some important local races with national implications: Governors New Jersey – There is little doubt that Republican governor Chris Christie is going to win … Read More

Too Discouraged To Blog

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There's this… which is totally true.    The headlines this week, buried in the back of your favorite newsite, said: Income Disparity Between Richest 1% And Rest Of US Biggest Since ’20s WASHINGTON (AP) — The gulf between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America is the widest it’s been since the Roaring ’20s. The very wealthiest Americans earned … Read More

The 2016 GOP Debates

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How awesome would this be? The Republican National Committee, already threatening to block CNN and NBC from hosting 2016 primary debates if they air planned features on Hillary Clinton, is also looking to scrap the old model of having reporters and news personalities ask the questions at candidate forums. Miffed that their candidates were singled out for personal questions or … Read More