Epistemic Closure Can Kill A Party

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An internal poll conducted by the Republican National Committee revealed that “57 percent of people who describe themselves as strong Trump supporters don’t believe Democrats have a chance” of winning back the House. That has Republican operatives worried because it signals complacency, which is a problem for the upcoming midterm elections where turnout is key. It’s not hard to imagine … Read More

Trump Accuses Google Of Rigging Searches

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The moron in the Oval Office watched “Lou Dobbs” last night and got a bee in his bonnet about the Google search results for “Trump News.” Trump is complaining that the voices of conservative liars should be getting equal time with actual news. For me, the best response to Trump is this….  This is why Google should be returning the … Read More

Sarah Sander’s Scripted Rants Must Stop

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Yesterday, after various Cabinet members assured America they were ready to combat Russian meddling, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on her own, and outright refused to disavow the Trump statement that “the press is the enemy of the people.” She knew the question was coming, and she read from a scripted answer.  I noticed that she does … Read More

Trump Less Trusted Than…. Than Fake News?

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This just-released Monmouth University poll is interesting if not contradictory. Apparently, Trump’s efforts to de-legitimize mainstream news continues to be successful, although Trump is less trusted as a source of news than the mainstream media.  Of course, how one feels depends on the definition of “fake news”, and it appears to mean different things to different people.  The full PDF:

Trump Supporters Believe And Spread “Junk News” More Than Everybody

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Trump supporters are among the most prolific social media users spreading fake news and conspiracy content, according to new research from Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Research Project, which has been studying disinformation campaigns globally since 2014. The group’s new findings are based on study of more than 13,000 Twitter accounts representing politically diverse viewpoints, including just under 2,000 pro-Trump accounts—which were identified … Read More

The U.S Civil War-Slash-Revolution Starts Tomorrow (the Antifa Apocalypse)

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What? You didn’t know?: If you are inside the “alt-right” information bubble, you might be preparing yourself for a civil war to commence this Saturday. Since late September, the idea has been circulating on Facebook groups, subreddit message boards, Twitter, and leading conspiracy media outlets that on 4 November, anti-fascist groups will begin a violent insurrection. Some websites are telling their readers … Read More

The “Fake News” Is Coming From Inside The (White) House

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I have avoided writing about the Seth Rich conspiracy theory being propped up by Fox. It was just too disgusting. But now it has political, rather than journalistic, implications. Seth Rich was murdered in Washington, D.C. in July 2016 in what police describe as a botched robbery attempt. But the conspiracy-lovin’ right-wing manipulation machine, sensing intrigue — he was MURDERED! — used … Read More

Did CNN Blackmail The Trump/CNN Wrestling GIF Creator?

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This is a 21st century story.  Future historians won’t be able to make sense of this. So after Trump tweeted a GIF of himself in his days as an occasional WWE character tackling and beating a wrestler with the CNN logo edited onto his face…. #FraudNewsCNN #FNN pic.twitter.com/WYUnHjjUjg — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017 … CNN found the Reddit user who … Read More

The New O’Keefe Video

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WH spox Sarah Sanders: “There’s a video circulating now, whether it’s accurate or not I don’t know.” Encourages everyone in nation to watch. — Steve Peoples (@sppeoples) June 27, 2017 So, the White House spokesman wants people to watch a video even though she doesn’t know if it is accurate.  How’s that for devotion to the truth? The video is … Read More