The Kids Are Alright

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We have never seen victims in the wake of a horrible mass shooting strike back at inert politicians, including the president. We surely have never seen children call their elders to task and plan a massive march — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) February 19, 2018 Wednesday, February 14, Valentines Day, 2018. Nikolaus Cruz, a troubled possible deranged right-wing gun nut, … Read More

Twitter To Finally Enforce Ban On Hate Speech

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itter began enforcing new policies to combat hate speech and abusive behavior on the platform Monday, leading to the suspension of several accounts associated with white nationalism. As part of its new approach, Twitter says it will now start banning accounts that affiliate with groups “that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes.” The company says that government entities are … Read More

The Republican Machine and Fox’s pro-Trump Hosts Are Working Hard To Discredit Robert Mueller

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Yesterday left no doubt: Fox News and Trump Republicans are willing to destroy America’s institutions as long as it keeps them in power. It starts with Fox News. It starts with Sean Hannity, who’s hearing that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is “illegitimate and corrupt.” That it’s led by a “band of merry Trump-haters” who are trying to reverse the … Read More

News Stories You Don’t Hear

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More like this please: JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 69-year-old Jacksonville man has been arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting at an Islamic Center on St. Johns Bluff Road, according to several law enforcement agencies. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, along with the FBI of Jacksonville, started investigating in October Bernandino Gawala Bolatete after a source tipped JSO. The source told police … Read More

Today Feels Like A Test

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I don’t know. Everything really is awful. Matt Lauer, long-standing host of the Today Show, was abruptly fired last night, after execs at NBC received notice of a credible claim of sexual harassment.  This #MeToo reckoning, as I’ve said before, but it really is disappointing to see otherwise good people go down.  Perhaps even more disappointing is that the only … Read More

The U.S Civil War-Slash-Revolution Starts Tomorrow (the Antifa Apocalypse)

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What? You didn’t know?: If you are inside the “alt-right” information bubble, you might be preparing yourself for a civil war to commence this Saturday. Since late September, the idea has been circulating on Facebook groups, subreddit message boards, Twitter, and leading conspiracy media outlets that on 4 November, anti-fascist groups will begin a violent insurrection. Some websites are telling their readers … Read More

Day’s Unfolding Events

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(1) Protest in Durham NC: Scheduled for noon and 4 pm.  I’m following live feeds and the anti-protesters seem to have taken over downtown Durham. Not much of a fascist presence. Looks peaceful at the moment — some minor vandalism of base of statue that once had confederate monument.  Basically everything postponed until 4 pm. (2) By the way, this … Read More

Our Bigoted President: An Historical Week of Shame

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It’s Friday, and it’s still difficult for me to comment on the fallout from Trump’s moral equivalence press conference on Tuesday.  Having tucked into his pocket some notes about what he was SUPPOSED to say… Trump “went rogue” (i.e., was himself) and spoke some of the most upsetting words of any President ever. The national discussion is all on my … Read More


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I did not know it was even going on. I should have been paying attention to social media.  But I woke up on Saturday to news of skirmishes in Charlottesville. White nationalists gathered for a “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, ostensibly choosing that town because of the statute of Robert E. Lee, which was going to be taken down. It had … Read More

Another Terrorist Attack In London

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Last night, a van with three people drove into a crowd of worshipers in Finsbury Park, a district in North London. One person was killed, ten were injured. It was a terrorist attack, but not a typical one that garnishes worldwide press attention. Because this time, the terrorists were white and the targets were Muslim. Here’s what is known so … Read More

Our Ugly Racist Country

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White supremacists in New Orleans right now protecting Confederate monuments & calling Black people n**gers (while being protected by cops) — Tariq Nasheed (@tariqnasheed) May 8, 2017 WATCH: Muslim woman harassed while standing in line at a #TraderJoes in Reston, Virginia. If you know the harasser, please DM me. — Yashar (@yashar) May 7, 2017

What Happens If Trump Loses?

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Prepare for a meltdown from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump if he loses the election. He has repeatedly told supporters that he fears the election could be rigged, an indication that even if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wins, Trump might not accept it. “First of all, it was rigged,” Trump said of the Democratic primary during a recent rally in Columbus, … Read More

“It Was Better In The Original German”

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Many people are saying that last night’s “Immigration Policy” speech by Trump in Phoenix Arizona was historical.  I’m one of those people.  Just WHY it was historical is a point of contention. To me, the speech was historical because it contained the 21st century version of some of the worst ills of the world’s past.  Divisiveness and demagoguery.  Mad red0faced … Read More

Is The “Second Amendment People” Comment Trump’s Worst Gaffe?

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As we all know by now, Trump yesterday hinted that gun lovers could (or should? or would?) shoot Hillary Clinton and/or a Supreme Court nominee as a response to Hillary Clinton selecting judges for the Supreme Court.  Here’s the comment and campaign responses in a nutshell: The spin from the Trump campaign is laughable.  Today, his campaign surrogates received the … Read More