“We Report, You Decide”, My Ass

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Not that this is "news", but . . . On Fox News, No Shortage of Opinion, Study Finds By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff WriterMonday, March 14, 2005; Page C01 In covering the Iraq war last year, 73 percent of the stories on Fox News included the opinions of the anchors and journalists reporting them, a new study says. By … Read More

All Together Now . . . “WHAT Liberal Media?!?”

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Joe Conason raises a good, and retrospectively obvious, point in this column: If the mainstream media is "liberal" and loves stories about sex, then why isn’t it jumping all over the Gannon-as-male-prostitute story? Imagine the media explosion if a male escort had been discovered operating as a correspondent in the Clinton White House. Imagine that he was paid by an … Read More

The MSM That the Right Wing is Hyperventilating Over

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Courtesy of The Left Coaster comes these words from Chicago Trib’s Jim Warren: The three journalists discussed troubling pressures that affect the ability of news organizations to report the truth. A major one is that with consolidation of news organizations into conglomerates like Time Warner, news outlets have numerous conflicts between their business interests and their reporting. While NBC reports … Read More

Questions About Gannon Put To White House

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UPDATE: We are informed here that nobody gets a White House pass, press or otherwise, by using an alias. "Therefore, if Gannon was using an alias, White House staff had to be involved in maintaining his cover." For those who don’t "get" the issue about Gannon (posted here), I think this letter from the Ranking Member of the House Committee … Read More

The Saga of Jeff Gannon (Abridged)

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UPDATE (Chapter Seven): He can’t stand the heat, so he wisely gets out of the kitchen. White House will have to find a new lackey. Chapter One: Who is Jeff Gannon? With all this talk about media bias, nobody can beat Jeff Gannon. He is a member of the White House press pool. This is the kind of question he … Read More

More on Payolagate

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Frank Rich is right: But perhaps the most fascinating [Armstrong] Williams TV appearance took place in December 2003, the same month that he was first contracted by the government to receive his payoffs. At a time when no one in television news could get an interview with Dick Cheney, Mr. Williams, of all "journalists," was rewarded with an extended sit-down … Read More

Stupid Media Question of the Day

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CNN Daryn Kagan interviewing Democrat Congressional candidate Steve Brozak: "I have to say, when I was reading about you my first thought, and maybe this is a stereotype, but why isn’t a former, and just recently retired Marine, why are you not a Republican?" MAYBE this is a stereotype? Hat tip to Eric Alterman.

Are You Rrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble?

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Apparently, Moveon.org has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission claiming that Fox News Channel’s slogan "fair and balanced" violates the FTC’s prohibition against deceptive advertising. (Source, although there are probably others). I’m not sure what Moveon.org hopes to achieve — they are unlikely to win, in my view. However, they will clearly cause a lot of damage and … Read More

I Love Stats Like These

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They’re rich and chock full of meaning. This I lifted from Eric Alterman’s site. This is, in fact, part of the new afterward to the paperback edition of his book "What Liberal Media?", and it is sssoo-wwweeet: An in-depth study undertaken for the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes and published around the time of the second anniversary … Read More

More America Haters

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”Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of U.S. lives,” it reads. Oh, geez. Not Moore’s website again. Doesn’t that guy EVER get tired of making light of dead American soldiers??? Actually, it’s not Moore. It’s Fox. It’s a memo from Fox Senior Vice-President for News instructing Fox News not to report TOO much on dead … Read More

Moore Spanks Isikoff

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Yeah, even I am getting tired of Moore 24/7, but I was amused at how Moore has been taking Newsweek’s Mike Isikoff to the shed for some sloppy reporting in his critiques of F9/11. Like . . . the head of the Carlyle Group (mentioned prominently in the movie). In his article, Isikoff gets the wrong guy. It’s not like … Read More

Two-Faced Jim Hoagland

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In October 2002, the Washington Post’s Jim Hoagland wrote an editorial criticizing the CIA because it had (up until then) been unwilling to recognize the danger of Saddam Hussein. He said, in part: it is no surprise that Bush has until now relied little on the Langley agency for his information on Iraq. There is simply no way to reconcile … Read More