Facebook’s Attempt To Clean Up “Fake News” Was a Huge Fail

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The Guardian sums it up: Facebook hired a PR firm that attempted to discredit the company’s critics by claiming they were agents of billionaire George Soros, the New York Times reported Tuesday.Soros is a Jewish philanthropist who is the frequent subject of antisemitic conspiracy theories. At the same time, the social media company urged the Anti-Defamation League to object to a cartoon used … Read More

Is Mueller Squeezing Trump?

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For the past several days, several news outlets have noted the gloomy angry Trump and a dysfunctional White House. Even I commented on it here. The conventional wisdom is that Trump is pissed that his full-on efforts in the 2018 campaign failed miserably. And they did. Just yesterday, as the ballots are still being counted, three MORE Democrats won seats … Read More

The Country Turned Upside Down

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The dysfunction of the White House — both internally and externally — cannot be understated. Some days it is just better to step back and take a photo of it from afar.  Historians, this is a day with virtually NO breaking news…. Digby: Trump feels betrayed by all those Republicans who failed to win and made him look like a … Read More

Angry Trump To Fire More People?

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There are several reports alleging that Trump is about to shit-can chief baby-cager Kirstjen Nielsen and possibly her mentor John Kelly too. Nielsen’s ass is in the hot seat because it turns out that even monstrous treatment of desperate people won’t stop them from trying to escape the intolerable conditions in their home countries. We’ve heard these reports before — especially about … Read More

Democrats Are Still Winning the 2018 Election

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Testy Trump is tweeting about criticisms that he didn’t attend an event in Paris to honor WWI fallen soldiers.  He didn’t go because of rain — yet all the other world leaders somehow managed to make it. “Cemetery” is a hard work to spell. Why is Trump so testy?  Probably because Democrats are still winning the 2018 elections, which were … Read More

The Psychology of Trump Supporters

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Wow. This is too good NOT to post here. It hits it all.  From Raw Story: It should be strongly emphasized that not all Trump supporters are racist, mentally vulnerable, or fundamentally bad people. It can be detrimental to society when those with degrees and platforms try to demonize their political opponents or paint them as mentally ill when they … Read More

It Really Looks Like The Elections Hit Trump Hard

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Either that, or he is not well. It is worth noticing this series of events over the last week: Trump held a news conference after the midterm elections in which his affect was clearly depressed, until he engaged in a confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta.The president traveled to Paris to take part in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the signing … Read More

Well, You Don’t See THIS Often

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Facebook is down. Daily Mail: Facebook users around the world have been left in a ‘total blackout’ after the site crashed early Monday afternoon.The site went down just before 1 p.m., affecting users from the United States and South America all the way to Europe.Those who attempted to access the desktop site are met with a message saying ‘Sorry, something went … Read More

Election 2018 Ain’t Over

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Fucking Florida.  Fucking Palm Breach County. Fucking Broward County. Fucking Recounts. Fuck Fuck Fuck. On the one hand, there is a process that has to be followed for close races, so those procedures need to be followed. But already, just like in the Bush-Gore race, the lawsuits are flying faster than a wet cat in the shower. At issue are … Read More

At Least 31 Dead In California Wildfires

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At least 31 people are dead as entire California cities flee wildfires Over the weekend, three major wildfires in California wreaked havoc. So far, more than 190,000 acres have burned, and 272,000 people have been evacuated. Around 8,200 firefighters are battling the flames, according to state officials. In Northern California: A blaze dubbed the Camp fire has destroyed 6,700 structures, making it the … Read More

Trump’s Eyes

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How Trump looks at allies versus Putin This was in France this weekend as world leaders gathered to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One. The overseas trip, largely ceremonial for everyone, was a complete disaster for Trump, starting with his failure to show up because of rain: On Sunday, in unrelenting rain, more than … Read More

Weekly List 104

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In the midterms this week, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, picking up between 35-40 seats, in an election dubbed “The Year of the Woman.” A history making 100 plus women will head to the House next session, as Democrats celebrated their upcoming check on Trump for the first time since he took office. As the week ended, … Read More

Last Night’s Mass Killing

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Twelve people including a police officer were killed by a veteran of the Marines at a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks, California, late Wednesday, officials said. Several hundred people were inside the venue, which was hosting a “college country night” for students, police said. The veteran, Ian Long, 28, who died of a gunshot wound, suffered from PTSD. Long has a … Read More