Aretha Franklin’s Funeral Service Is LIT

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Here’s the full schedule of events for Aretha Franklin’s funeral service today. From 10:00 a.m. through the recessional just before 3:00 p.m., a full slate of musical tributes, scripture readings, personal reflections and euologies are listed below. Prior to services starting, an announcement was made that the original schedule (show below) had shifted slightly. 10:00-10:20 a.m. Processional: Clergy, Ministers and … Read More

RIP The Village Voice

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Gothamist: Three years after buying The Village Voice, and a year after the paper shut down its print edition, owner Peter Barbey told the remaining staff today that the publication will no longer be posting any new stories.“Today is kind of a sucky day,” Barbey told the staff, according to audio obtained by Gothamist. “Due to, basically, business realities, we’re going to … Read More

Who Is Sam Patton And Why Might This Be A Huge Story?

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A guy named Sam Patton was arrested yesterday on the charge of violating FARA, the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Here is his Information Here is the Statement of Offense: Here is “Foreigner A”:  Konstantin Kilimnik Here is “Foreigner B”:  Serhiy Lyovochkin And now and explanation of its larger relevance: Konstantin Kilimnik set up a lobbying firm in Washington, DC, Incorporation … Read More

Will The Shoe Drop Today?

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Mediate: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd issued a warning to the press on Thursday evening regarding the Russia investigation: Don’t miss work tomorrow.Todd’s MTP Daily panel was discussing Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe, and speculating as to when the investigation will wrap up. “Here’s what I’ve learned about Bob Mueller,” Todd said. “Not a single person that has known him, been with him, worked with him, wouldn’t … Read More

Dark Times Ahead?

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I have predicted — not here, but on Twitter (and NOW here) — that Trump will pardon Manafort before the 2018 elections. Some are saying he might even fire Sessions and/or Mueller.  I don’t know if I believe all THAT. But the conventional wisdom that it would be stupid and self-destructive if he did that, especially before the elections, seems … Read More

The Trump Administration’s Attack On Foreigners Now Extends To Actual Americans

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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last year issued a directive for additional background checks for non-citizen troops and extended the active duty time required before they were eligible to apply for naturalization. Applications dropped 65 percent. Earlier this summer, news broke that the sitting president had tasked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis Cissna with tracking down and “denaturalizing” American citizens … Read More

Breaking: McGahn Out

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Another Trump insider leaving.  It’s made all the more interesting (to me) by this quote recently in Vanity Fair: Two sources told me that Trump continues to raise the possibility of a pardon for Manafort, his former campaign chairman. Trump has been clashing with White House counsel Don McGahn, who, sources said, is strongly against granting Manafort a pardon. (A lawyer for … Read More

Once Again, The GOP-Led NC Legislature Gets Foiled By The Courts In Their Attempt To Gerrymander

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Yesterday, a federal district court once again struck down North Carolina’s Republican-drawn congressional map as a partisan gerrymander in violation of the Constitution. This ruling reaffirmed the court’s January decision, which the Supreme Court vacated and told them to reconsider in June under a different legal theory of who has standing to sue. Indeed, while the Supreme Court said each district would have to be challenged individually … Read More

Trump Accuses Google Of Rigging Searches

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The moron in the Oval Office watched “Lou Dobbs” last night and got a bee in his bonnet about the Google search results for “Trump News.” Trump is complaining that the voices of conservative liars should be getting equal time with actual news. For me, the best response to Trump is this….  This is why Google should be returning the … Read More

Trump, After Killing NAFTA, Strikes “Understanding” With Mexico If He Can Get Them On The Phone

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What a disaster this President is .@FoxNews begins coverage of U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement #USMTA TRUMP: I believe the President is on the phone. Enrique? (uncomfortable 10-sec pause) Err, you can hook him up, please. STAFF: Coming! TRUMP: You wanna, uh, put that on this phone, please? Hello? 🤦‍♀️ — Bad Fox Graphics (@BadFoxGraphics) August 27, 2018 "Enrique?" — … Read More

The Passing Of John McCain

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Word has come down that John McCain, a lion of the Senate, has passed following his very long struggle with brain cancer. It was announced Friday that he was ending his brain cancer treatment, a sign that nothing more could be done.  And Saturday late evening Eastern Time, he passed. My feelings about John McCain are much like everyone else’s.  … Read More

Weekly List 93

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This was an ominous week for Trump, as three longtime allies turned on him. If you’ve come to one of my book events, I’ve said one of the three paths to ending Trump’s time in office was through the #MeToo movement, as in this case with hush money payments to silence women and the cover-up. This week in court, Michael … Read More