Trump Discloses Financials

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As I wrote about yesterday, Trump was to disclose his financial liabilities, and there was an open question as to whether he would admit his payments to Cohen as a liability, and how much was paid.  Today the public got its answer, sort of.  I will attach only the page dealing with financial liabilities.

See there at the bottom?  He is disputing that it needs to be a “recorded liability” but is presenting the dollar amount nonetheless.  It would appear that there is no other payoff to Cohen other than Stormy, but maybe there is.  Or maybe Trump is lying.

Here is a letter from the Ethics Office to Rod Rosenstein saying that, in their estimation, the Cohen payment was a liability and should have been reported in last year’s disclosure.

On the cover page, OGE disagrees with Trump’s claim that the debt is not reportable but indicates that all required information is included in this report. That means that the information was required to be reported last year. In turn, that means that Trump committed a crime if the omission was “knowing and willful.” Trump may be wondering today whether the information DOJ seized from Cohen’s office included any emails or other documents showing he knew of the debt when he filed last year’s report.