Harvey Update

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The images just don’t stop. It’s actually pretty incredible that only 15 have died so far.

As they were saying before the hurricane hit, the real problem would not be the hurricane impact, but the rains that would follow for days and days.  According to the Washington Post, 30% of Harris County’s 1,777 square miles are underwater.  Harris County is home to Houston. Harvey has passed the 50” measured single-storm rainfall record for the continental US.

Here is just one little bit of video — floods carrying away the concrete barrier at the San Jacinto Bridge.

Officials say more than 30,000 people may be forced from their homes by Harvey, and many whose homes have been severely damaged or destroyed by deadly winds and astonishing floodwater may need shelter for weeks or months to come.

Another under-reported problem: the floodwaters are becoming a cesspool of harmful chemicals and bacteria.