Pay-To-Play Mar-a-Lago Style

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From the Washington Examiner, we learn how much Donald Trump has been profiting from people paying for access to him:

If you pay $200,000 a year to the company Donald Trump owns, you too can have access most weekends to the president and his top officials. As an alternative, your organization could cut a $150,000 check to bring in a couple of hundred people who will have a chance to schmooze with the president and cabinet officials. Foreign moguls and dignitaries welcome.

This isn’t Bill Clinton’s Lincoln Bedroom. This isn’t the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s reign at the State Department. This is Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump, for the fourth weekend in the past five, has gone down to his Florida resort, and once again he is mingling with guests.

Now, the Lincoln Bedroom and Clinton Foundation is conservative tripe of course.  Lincoln’s Bedroom was, you know, ONE ROOM, and on the occasions where friends slept over, these were people who had “access” to begin with.  And the Clinton Foundation donations didn’t actually bring access to Hillary.

But here, not only do Mar-a-Lago patrons get access, but Trump profits personally and directly:

Trump refused to sell his company or unload his properties. While he has given up management of them, he still owns them. That means he still profits when someone books a gala there or becomes a member. And if you’ve followed the lobbying game in Washington, you know that special interests are likely shelling out the cash to get a chance to be close to the president — not necessarily because they expect Trump to reward them as a quid pro quo for their membership, but because joining Mar-a-Lago is the best way to get close to him.

Trump might have an out is he never went to Mar-a-Lago, but he’s gone six out of his seven weekends as President.

If Hillary Clinton pulled a stunt like this, Trumpers would be screaming. When you listen for their howling about this pay-for-access scheme, all you’ll hear from them is the relaxing sound of crickets.