How Is AHCA Doing?

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Depending on which news organization you look at, if the Republicans lose 22 or 23 votes, the AHCA is dead in the House. The voting is taking place today, and the bill is changing with little giftees for certain districts.  Here is a wrap-up of where we are so far on the vote count, but pay close attention to the … Read More

Some Leaks Are Illegal; Ours Aren’t

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At a press conference today, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes gave the following statement: At our open hearing on Monday, I encouraged anyone who has information about relevant topics—including surveillance on President-elect Trump or his transition team—to come forward and speak to the House Intelligence Committee. I also said that, while there was not a physical wiretap of Trump Tower, … Read More

Breaking: Apparent Terrorist Attack At Parliament/Westminster Bridge

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Police say attack at UK Parliament being treated as “terrorist incident until we know otherwise” — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) March 22, 2017 Crowds being moved out of Parliament Square, policeman tells BBC, suspect vehicle outside UK Parliament. Latest: — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) March 22, 2017 Woman dies & a number are hurt, some with “catastrophic” … Read More

Trump’s Favorite TV Show Is Misleading Him And Therefore The Country

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Media Matters: “For the record,” a top Fox News executive explained to the network’s newsroom a decade ago, “seeing an item on a website does not mean it is right. Nor does it mean it is ready for air on FNC.” John Moody, at the time Fox’s vice president for news, issued that missive after Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve … Read More

Is This How You Run A Business?

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A lot of people voted for Trump because they thought he would run the country the way you run a business, which is stupid to begin with because a country is not a business.  Maybe it has something to do with management style, although I’m not sure all businesses have the same management style, and I think very few people … Read More

Speed Read: The House Obamacare Replacement Bill

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From Axios: The House Republican Obamacare replacement package is finally out, and the two main health care committees — Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce — are scheduled to start working on the bills on Wednesday. Here’s your speed read on what’s in them — summaries are available here and here: In: Pre-existing condition coverage Continuous coverage — 30 … Read More

Disdain For Democracy

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Worse than lying, says Greg Sargeant: Trump is enraged at being subjected to a system of democratic and institutional constraints, for which he has signaled nothing but absolute, unbridled contempt. The system is pushing back, and he can’t bear it. On Monday morning, the latest chapter in this tale — Trump’s unsupported accusation that Obama wiretapped his phones — took … Read More

Pay-To-Play Mar-a-Lago Style

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From the Washington Examiner, we learn how much Donald Trump has been profiting from people paying for access to him: If you pay $200,000 a year to the company Donald Trump owns, you too can have access most weekends to the president and his top officials. As an alternative, your organization could cut a $150,000 check to bring in a couple of … Read More

Take Him At His Word

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The right wing Washington Times reports: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Monday that President Trump has access to information and intelligence others do not and that “credible news sources” suggested there might be more to look into, after Mr. Trump accused former President Barack Obama over the weekend of tapping phones in Trump Tower during last year’s campaign. “Well, … Read More

Another Doc Dump – Indictment Against Dude Threatening JCCs

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The rash of threats against Jewish Community Centers appears to be partly solved [UPDATE: Very partly. We’re only talking about 10% of the threats and vandalism seen nationwide lately]. Federal G-men arrested Juan Michael for making threats against many JCCs in an attempt to stalk/frame his ex-girlfriend. He appears to be a copycat though. Still, scary dude.