How’s The Trump Brand Doing?

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Not well. Take Trump’s latest, most lavish venture: the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., which has become a focal point for grievances against the unconventional Republican presidential candidate. The 263-room five-star hotel in the historic Old Post Office building opened last month. But even with a prime location near the White House, swanky interiors, and aggressive promotion by the candidate … Read More

Apologizing For America

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We’re watching the downfall of the Trump candidacy in real time, as women are coming from everywhere to contradict Trump’s claim at the last debate that he never ACTUALLY groped women — he only BRAGGED that he groped women. Only seven have come out so far to say “Nope he ACTUALLY groped me”, and I expect there to be more. … Read More

Trump’s Sad Lonely Life

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I don’t like David Brooks as a pundit or writer.  But my God, he nails it today in the New York TImes: Trump continues to display the symptoms of narcissistic alexithymia, the inability to understand or describe the emotions in the self. Unable to know themselves, sufferers are unable to understand, relate or attach to others. To prove their own … Read More


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The topic of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia is a recurring theme in this campaign. Trump has spoken well of Putin.  He seems ignorant that Russia invaded the Ukraine.  When criticized for being soft on Russia, Trump responds with the simplistic, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the US got along with Russia?” All of the above, I could dismiss … Read More

Burning Down The House

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It should be easy, I hope, to understand my blog’s reliance on Twitter, rather than these more thoughtful posts.  It’s not because we live in a Twitter world where everything is reduced to sound bites (although, we do).  It’s because events move so incredibly fast this political season that there is no time to pause and realize exactly where we … Read More

Trump In A Town Hall Setting

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Check out this video of Trump answering a voter’s question about jobs at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last night. Trump had a hard time sticking to the topic. When he finally started an answer, he — to his credit — acknowledges the college-debt problem. But he quickly pivoted to trade: “Our really good jobs are gone and they’ve … Read More

Matthew Update

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As of this writing (10/7/2016) at 11:45 a.m., Hurricane Matthew, now a Category 3, has shown a little mercy by veering slightly northernly and westernly than expected.  Right now, the western eyewall is brushing the Florida coast — the hurricane is located 75 miles southeast of Jacksonville. The winds along the Florida coast are rough, but it doesn’t seem to … Read More

Matthew Bears Down

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Florida is going to get hit HARD. Thousands told to evacuate.  Winds up to 140. No we did not work coordinate this with the @pbpost #newspapers #frontpagestoday — Rolando Otero (@Photero) October 6, 2016 From the National Weather Station in Melbourne FL – no mincing of words: The #eyewall of #Hurricane #Matthew is now completely visible on @RadarScope. #HurricaneMatthew … Read More

What Happens If Trump Loses?

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Prepare for a meltdown from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump if he loses the election. He has repeatedly told supporters that he fears the election could be rigged, an indication that even if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wins, Trump might not accept it. “First of all, it was rigged,” Trump said of the Democratic primary during a recent rally in Columbus, … Read More

All Looking Good

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If you look at all the statistical prognosticators, this election (as of today) is Hillary’s to lose. Nate Silver’s 538 forecast is the most cautious, placing HRC’s chances at 77%.  But it’s a 77% and rising… And here’s 538’s electoral map as of today… I’m actually not as bearish on Ohio as 538 seems to be — I might even … Read More

Not Just Florida

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It looks like Trump made a habit out of donating to Attorneys General who were investigating his business: Donald Trump donated about $140,000 to state attorneys general or candidates for the office between 2001 and 2003, some of whom were reviewing cases or decisions that would impact the real estate mogul’s business, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Trump … Read More

Quick Afterthought On Last Night’s Debate

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Last night, I said that Pence won. Although short on substance, he deflected Kaine’s attacks (and annoying interruptions) with a calm demeanor.  He didn’t win by much, but he won. This morning and today, I would have to say that Kaine won.  I’m not flip-flopping — I still say that Pence won LAST NIGHT.  But the “next day story” is … Read More

Trump Is A Tax Genius?

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When faced with the news that he paid zero taxes in 1995 (because of a loss of almost a billion dollars), Trump trotted the excuse that he is a tax “genius” and took advantage of the tax laws available. When he said that, I wondered if anybody really believed that Trump knew the tax laws.  I mean, OBVIOUSLY, an accountant (or … Read More