Carson Kinda Out and Romney Kinda In? Maybe?

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Is Romney going to get in? Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will give a speech on Thursday addressing his party’s presidential race, according to online reports. The 2012 nominee and former Massachusetts governor will address the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. Romney’s involvement in the race so far has been limited to lashing out at … Read More

Super Tuesday Results

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Republican Despite what the media might say, Ted Cruz did better than you think.  Check out the provisional delegate count (click on it to embiggen): That’s Trump 253, Cruz 215, Rubio 100, Kasich 21, Carson 3, Unknown 3. The reason why Cruz is so high is that Texas delivered. The media seems focused on state wins, as if this was the … Read More

Trump The Unifier

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At last night’s Super Tuesday presser, Trump insisted that he was a “unifier”, adding that being a unifier to his resume may surprise some people, and “believe me”.  But… VALDOSTA, Ga. — There are different accounts of who made the decision to eject approximately 30 black students who say they were standing silently at the top of the bleachers at Donald Trump’s … Read More