How Can Any Woman Vote For Trump After This?

Ken AshfordElection 2016, Women's IssuesLeave a Comment

I get the schtick.  Trump tries to get media attention and he usually gets it, provided he is outrageous enough.

But the things he does.  Oy.

This got started when one of those super-PACs, in this case not even one that supports Cruz but just one that opposes Trump, put out a picture of Melania Trump in a semi-naked form.  Trump vaguely threatened Cruz directly, saying he would “spill the beans” about Cruz’s wife.  Cruz responded with indignation and a threat not to attack his wife.

Then Brussels. And now that that is done, this:

Yup. He’s comparing how their wives LOOK. Not their accomplishments, charitable goals, intelligence, kindness, goodness, values, etc. It’s about – and ONLY about — how these women LOOK.

It’s misogyny at its worst.

So again I ask, how can any self-respecting woman vote for Trump after this?

UPDATE… well fuck me.  Now I have to admit that Cruz has a classy response:

On the other hand, he did call Trump a “snivelling coward” over the incident, which also happens to be true.