Ted Cruz: “Climate Change Isn’t Science; It’s Religion”

Ken AshfordElection 2016, GodstuffLeave a Comment

OMG.  Sen. Ted Cruz, candidate for the highest office in the land, thinks that climate change — a phenomenon widely accepted by the scientists who study it — is a religious belief.

“Climate change is not science. It’s religion”

That is what he told Glenn Beck yesterday.

To back up his claim, Cruz pointed to the way we talk about climate change.

“Look at the language, where they call you a denier. Denier is not the language of science … Any good scientist is a skeptic; if he’s not, he or she should not be a scientist. But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, ‘denier’ is the language of religion, it’s heretic, you are a blasphemer.”

Nnnno.  You just disproved yourself.  The language of religion, as YOU say Ted, is “heretic” and “blasphemer”.  Those are words used for people who reject something that people BELIEVE in.  “Denier” is used with regard to FACTS.  Not faith…. facts.

What a goon.

I’m tired of hearing how “smart” Cruz is, and how he argued a case before the Supreme Court, etc.  If he is smart, then he can’t honestly believe what he says, and he is playing his followers for fools.