Gun Problem? Us?

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“We don’t have a gun problem. We have a criminal problem. We have a society that thinks it’s completely permissible to shirk responsibility. We have people who have no problem with what Planned Parenthood does in terms of fetal parts harvesting. We don’t teach a respect for life. We glorify violence in movie, music, film and books. This is what our society is. This is Frankenstein’s monster. This is what society has created. It is a reflection of us.”

Fox news pundit Dana Lausch

“This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem… It’s not a question of the laws, it’s really the people.”

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump

I’m not quite sure why these arguments are still in the air.  Other countries have everything that we have — mental illness, “violent” video games and movies, etc.  Yet they don’t have all these murders and suicides due to handguns.  What do they have that we don’t have?  Gun control.

This isn’t rocket science.

The Onion, from 2014. You can guess the reference.

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens