Fox News Airs “Dehumanizing” Segment On Homeless

Ken AshfordClass Warfare, Economy & Jobs & Deficit, Right Wing and Inept MediaLeave a Comment

Yeah, I tend to agree.  This segment plays into some of the worst stereotypes about the homeless.

This “Watter’s World” guy is Jesse Watters, and his shtick is to interview people on the street to show how dumb they are.  It’s always mean-spirited, and a little old (Jay Leno had been doing it for years).  But to Fox, I guess that’s journalism.

Apparently, there is an increase in homeless people in Penn Station, but the only evidence of this is apparently some Fox News staffers and some observations of a few New Yorkers.  And even if there are more homeless in Penn Station, it probably has nothing to due with lax police enforcement under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policing policies, but rather, an increase in the homeless nationwide, as well as chops in FEDERAL funding for things like the Department of Housing and Urban Development (thank you, GOP).